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Wtae Anchors Divorce – Reporters Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

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When you’re on live TV, you have to think through everything you say, or you might slip up and have people talking about you on the internet before your broadcast is even finished. These reporters all made mistakes that cost them their jobs, either on live TV, on social media, or in an article. From the infamous blackface controversy that Megyn Kelly stirred up on her NBC talk show to the reporter who carelessly did damage to classic cars while reporting on a car show, let’s take a look at some reporters who ruined their careers in a matter of seconds.

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Felicia Sonmez | 0:00
Aaron Calvin | 1:18
Jessica Kwong | 2:36
Angel Cardenas | 3:40
Alison Morris | 4:47
Colleen Campbell | 5:51
Megyn Kelly | 7:03
Lydia Cumming | 7:47
Jim Bunner | 8:53
Scarlett Fakhar | 9:58

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Wtae Anchors Divorce - Reporters Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

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  1. Stopped watching halfway through. All narration, almost no audio footage and poor editing made to too tedious and boring. Like listening to a narration of curling.

  2. death threats because of some so and so basketball player, get real. a bunch of whiners who could not face the truth of what the player did, i did not feel sorry for what happened either

  3. I had two drinks, I might of been drugged..I don’t remember it. Lol, that video looked like she was fine, also looked like they got magicians working there (the hair and make up team I mean) she looks like shit on the street versus on tv

  4. Where is the reporter from ABC who falsely reported Jim Brady had died….even tho he was very much alive….Frank Reynolds went nuts upon learning of the error and yelled, “Someone find out what is going on!” I have looked for that footage everywhere, but I guess they destroyed it. Worse reporting error ever. Brady eventually recovered, tho he was partially paralyzed. He worked closely with President Clinton in passing some gun restrictions and was pretty much in favor of gun control. Classy guy.

  5. When Al Jolson put on black face in the film, the jazz singer, one of the first talkies, in the early 1930’s, it was a tribute to black people. Blacks weren’t being represented on film and Jolson took exception to this. The hatred for his blacking up came from whites who saw his portrayal as a black as disgusting as it was insulting to them. He had many close black friends in particular Cab Calloway, the band leader and singer and when they did a film together, Calloway was restricted due to segregation and Jolson told the studio if Calloway wasn’t treated like everyone else he’d walk away from the movie. So he was and word soon got around. When Jolson died the black community came out in forced to pay their respects to him. History is being distorted and truth being replaced with lies.

  6. yeah like Sonmers should have read the room but still, Kobe did sexually assault women, she shouldn't have been punished for pointing out the truth of a situation.

  7. Sorry, there is no "honest" mistake in so called journalism. Kwong got fired and it was a just firing. She lied and did so just like most of the media did.

  8. Imagine being fired for wearing a hat that says, "Make America Great Again" because doing so not only promotes cohesion and safety on the job, but the reasoning for the volatile atmosphere otherwise is the result of the networks awful reputation for duping viewers with garbage lies

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