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Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible – This VW Cabriolet "Chick Car" could Smoke You- One Take

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This. Car. is. Great. Crack all jokes, but this car will haunt your canyon dreams. It takes every bias about convertibles, FWD, suspension setup, and “chick cars”, and flips them on their head. It’s angry and loud, and you won’t believe the skid-pad number. MOD LIST BELOW

When you think of a performance car, you do not think of the VW Cabriolet (AKA the Golf Cabriolet in Europe, or the Rabbit Convertible in the US, until 1985). You don’t. It’s like someone asking what your favorite tropical vacation was and you say, “Minnesota”. In stock form, this 2,150lb 1988 Cabby poured 90 gentle horsepower through a close ratio 5-speed transmission. It was golf for sun-lovers. But this car, owned by auto journalist, Jason Cammisa, is far from slow. With a bunch of Scirocco parts, it’s been transformed into something amazing.

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For those interested, this is a 1988 #Volkswagen #Cabriolet in Flash Silver. 2.0-liter (9A) block, shaved 1.8-liter 16V head (PL) with Euro intake and cams (KR). Full Scirocco 16V driveline swap (10.1″ / 9.4″ discs and 18.5:1, 3.3-turn rack). @konishocks all around. @TSWAlloyWheels Hockenheim 15x7s. Mk2 GTI 16V seats. Much other stuff.⁣⁣⁣
Weighs 2399 lb (full tank of gas, subwoofer, etc). 0-60 in about 6.7, will do about 122 flat-out according to the math

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Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible - This VW Cabriolet "Chick Car" could Smoke You- One Take

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  1. A have one of these stock that my dad gave me, my sisters first car. Looking to fix it up hopefully. This gave me motivation sick ride man

  2. I have owned my 92 Cabby for 11 years, swapped a 2.0 16v 10 years ago and i can confirm how much fun it is.
    My nickname for it is "Char de coiffeuse" ( hairdresser's car in french!!!)

  3. Is there a full build sheet somewhere? I hade two cabbys in high school and just picked one up to tinker with and teach my daughters how to drive a manual. I was leaning toward a vr6 swap but the frankenmotor makes about the same power and looks a LOT lighter.

  4. This is awesome my first car was a geo storm second a 1982 Mk1 Wolfsburg cabriolet…. So much fun and looking to buy another and very inspired by this build !!

  5. This video illuminates how just about anyone (in the free world) can enjoy the spoils of motorsport with a bit of effort. Volkswagen was the Mies of motorsport in the 20th century. I loved the "7000" moments. All it needed was a soundtrack of The Smiths.

  6. …"all that s*** that cabby's don't have" @ 4:55 .. Friend, I am in the market for a like VW such as this featured car. But after hearing that guy in the passenger seat use PROFANITY at 4:55, SORRY friend, I stopped watching. What is with your generation, you 20/30 generation even OLDER then me at 59 that feels need to use CURSE words so comfortably? I am a PASTOR, Man Of The Word, adherent to the BIBLE, and PROFANITY IS SIN! PERIOD! What, didn't your parents raise you on FAITH? Anyways I WEEP for the future of kidd such as yourselves. I'll find me another VW video to watch WITHOUT profanity. Bye …

  7. What a great video! Finally some people who actually know what it is to truly enjoy driving and not just trying to be the fastest from 0 to 60.

  8. Jason, you're exactly right about 0 to 60 times and at acceleration feats of ostensible strength. Their total nonsense, it is really how the car makes you feel. I thought I was the only one like this, it is a joy to see that you are as enlightened as I. Anybody else out there loves driving a fast car slow, give me a thumbs up.

  9. Funny what you said about little cars being super fast around corners. I had a Miata that was basically stock, I tweaked it a bit, a buddy of mine had a 300ZX 1992, and I told him that my car was faster than his. He bitched and moaned like a little girl but he would never put his car nor his money where his mouth was. I would have taken him like a scalded child.

  10. Jason, currently you are my second-favorite JC, you will never be my first. You are awesome and I now have an interest in Mark 1VW's.

  11. Yea I got into VW after owning 99 Altima then a 07 Maxima that hit 219k then 239k, bought a 21 Trax then i noticed i drive to much so i bought a 04 VW Passat with 182k

  12. I have a 2001 grey Peugeot 106, 5 door… Inside is a complete complete landfil, dogs hair on the back, old chips cans, empty pens… outside it has a couple of bumps on the paint and looks like the most NOTHING car ever. Is absolutely slow compared to any other modern car… but it has a 1.0 lts 4 in line that thinks is turbocharged (and is constantly making induction noises over 3000rpm) and I can floor it everyday, have an absolute grin at 40 60 and 160km/h and if something breaks, fixing it or change it for 100 bucks and an afternoon.

    behind that cara i had a at the time, New Mazda RX8… everyone looking at it, everysingle person asking how much it costs, every cop stoping me, everything that broke cost over $400 and every single time it was a problem to find a mechanic that knew what to do on it….never could drive it max out, never could have a great time… sure the girls that sat besides me on my 20's were hot with the nice car… but the girls that go today to the park with me and the dogs like me not because how my car looks, but because of how we feel togheter.

    PS… yes 08 crisis fucked me up, yes I would have bought a Miata if I had more money, but I love my Peugeot and in reality i think I will never sell it, it does everything better than most cars and is fun, even tho it looks like a supermarket cart.

  13. Theres a pretty nice looking cabriolet sitting at an auto shop near my house and its been there since ive moved here a few months ago in the same spot, i'm hoping to go look at it in a few days and see if it runs, i hope its for sale 🙂

  14. My favorite era of VW was the late 70's and 80's. The cutest girls in the 80's drove these. Generally these were cars for upper middle class teenagers in the 80's.

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