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Vintage Electric Bikes – Vintage Electric 72 Volt Scrambler Review – $7k

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The Vintage Electric 72 Volt Scrambler a powerful motorcycle-inspired electric bike with knobby tire setup and inverted suspension fork to handle a bit of gravel and off-road use. Near-silent Crystalyte gearless hub motor offers 180nm of torque, regenerative braking, and can be unlocked for high-speed off-road use. Available in one color and frame size for the Scrambler, but Vintage also sells the Roadster and Shelby models in different colors with street tires if you prefer. Responsive torque and cadence sensing pedal assist, variable speed trigger throttle, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with oversized 203mm front rotor. Sturdy Boost hub spacing, thru-axles, and adjustable inverted suspension fork. Comfortable hand-crafted leather saddle, grips, and optional suspension seat post. Excellent weight distribution, reliable single-speed drivetrain, beautiful pedals, rear fender, and paint-matched chain cover. Battery pack is not removable and the bike is fairly heavy, which could impact how and where it is charged. It’s fairly expensive and shipping costs $199 extra unless you live near their HQ. Kickstand may create pedal lock, single speed drivetrain limits cadence options, display is fairly simple, only comes in one frame size.

0:00 Introduction, other 72 Volt Performance Series models
0:42 Total weight 81lbs, battery and motor highlights
2:06 Charge port and kickstand, adjustable battery charger
2:56 Battery care, single speed, regenerative braking
4:08 Boost hub spacing, sturdy thick axles, high speed key
4:58 Price plus shipping, company headquarters, brakes
5:43 Suspension fork adjustability, disc brake details
6:08 Tire details, rims, spokes, cranks, pedals, chain cover
6:51 Optional rear rack, pannier bags, seat post options
7:20 Powering on the bike, showing the integrated lights
7:57 Swept-back handlebar, one frame size, leather grips
8:33 Display panel walkthrough, lights, settings, walk mode
10:29 Ride test begins handheld cam, body cam, frame cam
14:14 Conclusion, thank-yous, compare tool and forums

Full review with specs and comparison tool:

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  1. Great video and content. Thanks for covering the specifics on the bike. I am definitely looking forward to more reviews. Keep it up.

  2. Do you know if the 80% charge setting still balances the cells? I ask because I have heard most battery management systems don't balance until the cells are somewhere around 98~%

  3. Thanks for all your reviews, great job there. A little remark : ebike price seem to get out of control so many model models are now costing the price of a small car, or a brand new 125 cm3 scooter using 1.5 liter of gazoline for 100 km.A few years ago yoou could get a small urban car (still able to drive 800 km at 130kmh/h with 4 people) for about 6-7000 euros with the government grant. Of course there are some new technologies but the "jamais content"won a famous race bask in 20s of the previous century, and controller sensor are just basic electronics. Anyway your video are nice and informative.

    Could you contatc Orbea and see if they can send you some of the Orbea Kennen, it is there new serie of trekking/urban bikes with central motor (it must be yamaha). They look very nice of their web site (even if the price is sort of crazy …)

  4. Nice bike but the price is out of my range . I know the fake motor is part of the design but looks funny to me being so big . I do like the rear mudguard design , would suit my bike 🙂

  5. $7k is too much plus shipping. Not to mention if you wanna add racks or bags thats another hundred bucks. This company is very expensive. Everything can add up to 12k or more depending on what you need.

  6. I bought a roadster 2 years ago for transportation. It's awesome. I get around the city in comfortable fashion on the trails, the sidewalk, the bike lanes, and on the street. I hop curbs and ride through city traffic with ease where ever I want to go. For 7,000 you get a combination of 39mph top speed, smooth ride, high build quality (battery and frame), and above average range. I didn't find that combination in many other e-bikes. I bought a rack this year and now I can run errands. If you're looking for fun and performance to maneuver around city, this might be the way to go. Thanks EBR for the review.

  7. I truly love the cafe styling. Nice bike. I've stopped complaining about ebike prices because there's something for everyone out there now. I actually bought a refurb Jetson Bolt Pro for $250 USD as a "last mile" bike just recently. It's actually a fun little scoot!

  8. Court, I think that reviews like this is a slippery slope. There's a lot of concerns I have with e-bikes like this;  
    -The battery at the end of it's life. Can you buy a new one? How much will it cost? Can you recycle it? How do you dispose of it? At least with an e-bike with a Bosch or Yamaha system you can find a new battery replacement.  
    -The possible speed kit option. You would have to be naive to expect that people would get the speed kit and not use it everywhere. Having e-bikes with that kind of speed invites abuse. Irresponsible e-bike riders gives e-bikes a poor reputation. Therefore, all e-bikes will be less welcomed in more places.
    I believe that there are too many of these novelty that bikes possible hurt the e-bike movement. The e-bike industry needs to develop standardized protocols. 
    Court, I'm a long time fan of your work. But, promoting bikes like this is a poor idea.

  9. I always wonder why bike manufactures/brands cheap out when it comes to bike pedals!? And considering it's a $7000 bike! lol

  10. Love the style! Really appreciate the variety of bikes you review. Though some of them might not be for me personally, it’s a good learning experience. I really like the variety of video viewpoints.

  11. For $7,000 is this at least UL rated? Should have had a no maintenance belt drive for this price. Thanks for the review, EBR is always the best.

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