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Used Switch Games – I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop… This Is What They Sent Me

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Gamestop Nintendo Switch Games from their website. I bought 10 Nintendo Switch games from Game Stop, traded in Switch games so I knew it was a gamble. I DO NOT recommend. Join Dollar Shave Club today and get this exclusive deal at TODAY!

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Used Switch Games - I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop... This Is What They Sent Me

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  1. (6:04) I'm curious as to if you had seen Nintendrew's tutorial on reprinting game box art.

    I'm doing something similar for my physical Switch games, but switching out the US box art of my Southeast Asian copies with UK or Australian box art, as I can't stand having both English and Spanish on the back of game cases. However, it's harder for me as I have to scan in the MESA box art, then use it as a base to manually recreate the UK or Australian box art from photos from eBay listings and such.

  2. GameStop is tripping with their prices! Just terrible, I’d rather buy used from an individual on Mercari or eBay. You would know exactly what you’re getting, with case and artwork.

  3. Yea but if gamestop gave the option to not buy without a case it would de value the game for them the same way it is for everyone else without a case lol

  4. Never buy pre-owned from gamestop for switch every game I've ever tried to buy from them has never came with the original box and art. Also alot of the multi games have one game on card and a codes to download the others with pre-owned you don't get them. So like doom slayer edition, borderlands legendary collection and resident evil 3 pack (re4 is on the card re5 and re6 are codes)

  5. That's why unless it is brand new I don't buy online from gamestop I usually buy all my games and person unless it's a preorder.

  6. I figure most game only trades probably end up at the online distribution, because it must be harder to sell games in a store when it's just the title of the game typed out in plain Arial font on a white piece of paper. That doesn't entice people to make impulse buys. So yeah, just expect game only from their website, and be thankful if it's anything more than that.

  7. I've used dollar shave club 10/10 would definitely recommend, even for the non-bearded people like myself. Best razer I've ever used.

  8. screw gamestop. i remember when they started opening stores in my city, all the cool mom and pop game stores ended up shutting down cause they couldn't compete.. or maybe the market changed..

  9. When i buy from gamestop i have to do it online because the closest locstion is an hour drive away and im too lazy to get a licence.

  10. imagine liking gamestop. also imagine ordering expensive used games, then complaining that they didnt come in the original boxes. Privileged, and honestly rediculous. when you buy used games, FROM GAMESTOP, why would you expect to get the game cases? Your first problem was trusting in that POS company. Its no wonder people betted and invested against them.

  11. I bought the Zelda used Joy-Cons and it showed the strap piece included on, it wasn’t. I paid regular pricing on them too from GameStop so it was disappointing… now the straps won’t match.

  12. I understand that you are upset about not getting the original case, but you can’t expect to get all cases when buying pre owned. GameStop would have to deny trades that do not have the original case—this would be a worse scenario. It’s the players that appreciate GameStop for accepting trades without the original case. I would still recommend buying preowned from GameStop online. If you want to ensure the original case, then buy new. You may get lucky with the pre owned but don’t be surprised if you don’t get it. You have a better chance of getting a pre owned game with original case by going to your local GameStop.

  13. I just bought the nano controller and while at the register, I asked if there was any pre-owned ones. The cashier paused and then went "yes but it's more expensive than this". It's absurd

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