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Us Embassy Warsaw – Visiting the U.S. Embassy in Poland – 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

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Having been to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate over a dozen times in Poland, I realized how far off Hollywood is in its depiction of an American’s experience there. Hollywood LIES! 🙂

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Us Embassy Warsaw - Visiting the U.S. Embassy in Poland - 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

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  1. Hi mate I will be in Polska in 14 days if you want to catch up let me know, will be there for a month and Zona has quite a travel itininery planned, as they do

  2. But you know that the rules in USA Embassy are made by Americans not Polish ppl… even if Polish people work there I guess that they just had problems to recruit Americans

  3. I've just discovered your channel and I enjoy it a lot! As I've been thinking (and reading comments) about the difficulties for Poles (and some other World citizens) to get an American visa, how you must prove them you're worthy or truthful or whatever (I don't know) I came up with a theory.
    I believe this is one of the reasons why we tend to think less of our country compared to the USA. (this is what you pointed out in one of your videos, which irritates you in Poland – question "why do you live in Poland?")
    Well, since we have to deserve to fly to the US, apparently we are somehow worse… Don't you think it's unfair?

  4. Hi Russell! I'm Polish born and bred, just recently discovered your channel and it's very cool! Due to my health issues, I have been to the U.S. four times. Each time me and my family had to go through a hellishly humiliating ordeal with the Consulate in Kraków, in order to get our Visas. If you want I can tell you the whole story, write to you privately. Bottom line is – I don't have one good thing to say about the people working there…

  5. I had the pleasure of visiting the Polish consulate in LA on a couple of occasions back when Mr Bergier was a legal consul there. The staff was Polish (can't say if dual citizen although I doubt it) there was no security detail at all. it was located in an office building in Santa Monica. with respect to the US consulate in Kraków … My experience there was far from stellar. About 20 years ago I had the pleasure of talking to an American clerk who made some racially insensitive comments ( he looked semitic) offended me called my father (army colonel) a pauper etc… All I wanted was to go see my sister for vacation. He even pronounced that I will never get my Visa. If I had the chance now I would love to throw my US passport in his face … Well he did not know you don't say never to a Polish person. With respect to the issue of Polish clerks I learned that calling the Consulate or Embassy as a Polish American it is advisable to speak English rather than Polish. This way you avoid talking to old unpleasant clerks that have been working there for bout 30 years plus and still have that awesome PRL like level of customer service.

  6. When my passport etc were stolen in Italy, the consulate we went to was guarded by Italians who thought they were all generals. We had to line up in the sun on a hot summer day and when we all began to drift to the shade, we all thought we were going to be shot.

  7. In 1988 or so I was at American embassy in Warsaw. I remember long line of people applying for visas. At some point argument erupted followed by commotion and shoving between petitioners. Sure enough US guards showed up in full military gear in field uniforms. They were Americans It was very impressive and a bit scary since they had military rifles at a ready. Polish secret police also showed up on the other side of the fence. I guess embassy was under constant surveillance by communists. Dough….

  8. Careful doing these videos brother, you might give out sensitive or valuable information to very bad people with very bad intentions.

  9. When I wanted to go to the USA I went to the US Embassy in Warsaw. All you said is truth, although I could put my electronic devices into a locker that was there. I dealt with Americans while applying for the visa. It had gone smooth and year after VISAs weren't required anymore.

  10. Hi, I thought this might be helpful because of a topic you covered in this video. I found this article put out by the National Museum of American Diplomacy, and I will put the link in at the end of this comment. According to them; ALL US. Embassies ARE considered US territory on foreign soil, even though they ARE staffed by members of the host countries. This is done this way because the staff members have skills and knowledge about the host countries that US diplomats and their staff would not necessarily have. So, though you are right about the Jason Bourne movie; there IS a matter of jurisdiction and laws that are followed in the case of Polish/host country police coming onto "US soil/embassies". This is also how military bases and naval vessels are treated, though in the case of the US military in a foreign country; each military branch will tell their members that if you do something "stupid or illegal… or both" while out and about; they will NOT stop that country's police from coming to collect you off the base or ship if they can verify in any way that there is enough evidence against you. Case in point; while I was in the US Navy; in 1991 my ship went on a six month cruise to the southern end of the Persian Gulf. While there our captain of the time reminded the crew of an American Navy Chief Petty Officer who went "against orders" and crossed boarders from the country the ship was docked at, to a much stricter Arabic country, and so was quickly arrested for not following the "dress code/policy" for women out in public. In other words; according to their laws; the chief petty officer was indecently dressed. Because this was the law of that country; the US could not do a thing about it, and the chief petty officer was publicly punished.

    This is that link I promised.

  11. Marine houst still on compound? Marine bar and TGIFs still a thing? MSG 81-82. One could simply walk in the gates and stop at the local national employee desk. post 1 was secure, post 2 was a standing desk in front of the elevators. ZOMOs had small glass booths on each side of the compound. Swiss embassy was on the corner, US was behind and around it. their were buzzed control doors by post 1, post 2 was diffrent.
    I was on Post1 when martial law hit.

    opened post2 one AM. unchained the gates, doing the log book i looked up to see gardeners. one at each planter one each side of the glass breez way doors running to intercept a LN. who had walked thru the gate with an AK 47. Me with a .38 S&W. they grabbed him took the rifle from (big balls) and took to the gate where the ZOMO proceeded to tune him up with their whit rubber baton as his back up arrived. When the Gunny came in it was really interesting. I caught crap because I unholstered my revolver. gardeners got something from the embassy. They did have some big ones to do what they did.

  12. Every countries have a bit different rules in their embassies. But as I've seen a lot of them I think, I can say in most of cases, the locals usually serve as clerks. So if you visit a Polish Embassy somewhere in Asia e.g., the only Poles would be the Ambassador on his own, and some officers, but definitely not the guards!

  13. Reason why is because US Embassy pays workers local wages as people earn in that country. Why would Americans want to work for pennies in Poland being employed by the embassy in Poland? You go to to a US Embassy in Let's say Colombia same thing. They pay what people earn in Colombia. It's the other way around as well. People who work for the Polish embassy in new York earn NY minimum wage+. India's ambassador was paying some Indian woman under minimum wage wages for housekeeping and she got arrested in new York City.

  14. Hi Russell, thank you for posting all your lovely videos regarding your life in Poland from an American's point of view. I am living in Sydney, Australia, but I am Polish by birth. So I am Polish and Australian. The Polish consulate here in Sydney is quite easygoing when it comes security and formalities (even though the bureaucracy is far prom it). I even gave performances there for dignitaries and Polonia on a number of occasions. With me, it is the other way around as you. I am a Polish/Australian that came from Poland in the year 2000 and have been living ever since. I operate on my Australian passport (My Polish one has expired years ago, and don't ask me what a nightmare it is to renew it, because that's another story, which I am happy to share). I did come across being a cruise ship concert pianist, and because the agent is based in the US, I was required to get a seaman's visa. So I had the privilege, or should I say headache of dealing with that via the American Consulate in Sydney. I remember having to go in, and out, multiple times to get that document done. Not an experience I am keen to relive anytime soon. I think whether it's in Poland, Australia, or anywhere else, the US embassies and consulates have a similar modus operandi.

  15. get over it, it is really no big deal……the US Embassy helped an American, in Managua Nicaragua, when the American was 100 percent in the wrong…..I have had my passport renewed in two US Embasies, and additions, to my passport, in two other ones… is all quite straight forward…

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