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  1. I worked for FedEx Ground for 3 years. Very similar job. I only lasted so long because the schedule worked so I could take college classes in the afternoon. I hated every single shift. Always some bs, I usually unloaded the large trailers and then filled the other large trailers for outbound. It’s supposed to be 3 people, 2 unloading and one scanning. The reality? Just me unloading and scanning. They had a tight window to get done. So unloading a 53 ft trailer takes 2 hrs with 2 people. Also, winter was brutal. No heating in the building, and -20 sucks

  2. I wouldn’t boast about quitting a well known job/company after 2 days.

    2 days isn’t enough to give it a shot.

    I think you fucked up and probably mouthed off to a supervisor and you were told to “kick rocks”.

  3. I'm located in Arizona and I recently heard that UPS drivers can end up making some good money. I've been working a desk job for quite a while and with me always being more so physically active, I decided it's time to change that. Had my mind set on checking out UPS, but after watching your review and seeing all of these comments, wow, just wow lol. I will need to do some more thinking and see what others have experienced out my way lol

  4. I’m a supervisor, thank you for this video because I would definitely like to better myself. I wouldn’t want someone to feel like this under my guidance. I’m very sorry you had to go thru that.

  5. Hey, you know what…First, I believe everything this dude has said. Briefly, I did 20 years military, 15 years as a police officer, and was looking for a part-time gig. I am in Texas and I will tell you why I believe dude. I applied at UPS. I completed an over-the-phone interview. I was given a conditional job offer, and paperwork to complete a DOT physical. I went the very next day, completed the physical. Of course, I passed. I happened to have made one stop before making it back home, & I got a call from UPS informing me the position I applied for basically disappeared. When I made it home and could devote my time to a focused conversation, I called UPS recruiting. What a merry go round series of phone calls…press option 1 for package handlers, press option 2 for drivers (or vice versa)… Anyhow, the (lack of) answers and conversation changed like the direction of the wind as the phone call progressed. So, before ppl start saying crazy ish. I am a marathon runner…still today. I have held several jobs where I have had FBI backgrounds/polygraphs, etc. No criminal history or crazy reason(s) to fail a background. I have never used any illicit drugs. Anyhow, if I call UPS today. Nobody there has any answers, but they keep sending me a job offer with no driving tests available to schedule or any other directions. I know, you are probably thinking wait, you said package handler. Why you need a driving test? Yes, I did. Believe me, I am just as confused as this may sound. Needless to say, I wasn't even looking for this video. I swear I was on YT for a whole other reason. Bro, thank you. UPS can keep this BS. It is not for me…I can see the un-organization from the outside. I definitely don't want to see and/or experience it from the inside. I will never quit at UPS because I will never start… Why ignore the obvious? The writing (red flags you mention) is right in front of me on the wall(s).

  6. Man just subbed. Sorry you went through that. It seems crazy no training too I hate places like that. I'm not lazy either hard worker and loyal but it should be both ways imo. I could of worked there years ago part time package handler. I read so many bad things smh i was like nah haha. But anyways man you got some great content I'll check out more of the videos

  7. You get paid for orientation & training. Knowing Haz mats is very crucial, as a leaking haz mat can kill you. Any hires after October 15th is seasonal…any between January 15th and October 15th is full time. Sounds to me like you making excuses why YOU DON'T LIKE HARD WORK. NO ONE working at UPS would tell you UPS package handlers don't work HARD! they get paid well to work hard! it's not for everyone. Especially lazy people.

  8. Without watching the whole video, I agree on everything you said. A video is necessary to go into deep details why the new employee experiences and tenure employees go thru that worse stuff goes into such company. Lies is a constant and normal thing most, if not not all, supervisors do.

  9. I currently work for ups (im literally sitting in a brown truck loading rn lol) this job is not for the faint heart or lazy people… I hate this job so much but if you have good motivation and fight through it it’s a great company to work for, best insurance etc etc. im expected to make $165,000 by the age of 22 because I started at the bottom at the age 18. Ups is seniority based, all the complaints in this video are simply because he was at the bottom of the food chain, the ladder situation is common sense as well, we are union based so they don’t mess around with safety. This job is not for everyone but if you wanna make bank start rn!

  10. The thing with UPS is that to make stockholders happy and not piss off the Union too much, they almost endlessly fuck over management to meet “record breaking profits”. The turn over rate for full time management positions is super high due to this. This leads to either under qualified, unhappy, or inexperienced management personnel.

  11. Just started here last week this is spot on lol, they would try to get me to work past 5 hours being part time and having health conditions where i flush my stomach out with water to take a number 2 and sometimes they just dont care lol.

  12. They are unorganized. Treat their part timers like shit. Pass out hot bottles of water for us to drink. They take advantage of their hard workers and move the lazy workers into easy positions that fit their work ethic

  13. This is how they weed out people. If you just went with it and showed that you’re smart and dependable adaptable, and figure it out you woulda had a nice career making 100k+ a year.
    Why would they want people that quit after two days just cause no one told them how to do the mindless work. Figure it out dumbass. Ask someone. Haha but yes the post office is very much like what you’re saying. Come over to usps we will make you a manager.

  14. I can relate to everything you said. Sound's like alot of places I've experienced. I could write book on this stuff hah. I looked at their website. Looks like they just can hire you instantly online? You know it's bad if you get offered a job that fast..

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