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Tractor Supply Benton Ar – 2022 Buyers Guide for Small Tractors

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In this video, you’ll learn about important tractor buying tips. So that you can make the best decision possible, on your next tractor purchase.

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If you’re shopping for a subcompact tractor, compact tractor, or mid-size tractor, this video will give you important tips so that you can decide which tractor is best for you.

Thanks for watching this video on the 2022 Buyers Guide for Small Tractors. Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or would like us to recommend a compact tractor for you.

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Tractor Supply Benton Ar - 2022 Buyers Guide for Small Tractors

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  1. The issue of all the new tractor brands coming out is that will they be in business 10- 25 years from now. Yes they are in other country's that is were they are made but will the importer be in around? It seam like a lot of new tractor brands are using the home depot model. They under cut the local dealer for the sale then the customer has to find some independent repair shop to fix the product after the sale. As Summit is promoting that you can buy it from a mass marketer and then they will have independent repair shops service the repair work. That work great until the independent shops get sick of Summit's demands and tells them to take a hike.

  2. I had always thought the hydro static trans was better then I went from a manual trans in the Jinma 284 to a New Holland and found out the manual Trans gives far better control in tight spots something about being able to feather the clutch oh and New Holland sucks compared to the cheap chinese Tractor

  3. I bought a yt235 Yanmar from these guys last year, they’re a top notch dealership as far as I’m concerned. The little tractor has been perfect, it’s a little beast. I don’t know how I ever got along with out it.

  4. Kubota L2501HST LA525 w/ third function, done. Seems like other dealers come & go (Mahinda, Kioti, TYM and all their spin-offs) most Kubota dealers have been around a long time.

  5. JD quick attach on the loader I have always seen the same prices for everything compared to the skid steer type. Plus it's standard equipment and not and add-on cost like Kubota, lighter design giving you more ability to lift more weight , and don't have extras to break or seize on you like the skid steer type with the pins and springs. Not any Yanmar dealers in my area, all Kubota mainly and JD, Massey and Mahindra. JD had the most bang for the buck on the 1025r with little features like a step to help get in the backhoe, auto locks when lifting the outriggers, loader joystick on the fender, side lights, soft absorbing when bringing the backhoe in or side to side, etc. Little things like that sold me on the 1025r compared to the others. Kubota, everything was an add-on, cutting edge on bucket, 3point hitch I think was, and just seemed cheap to me. One nice thing on the BX subs was the loader quick connect with a single leaver. JD has one now on the 1025r but not standard. I think they need to make that standard equipment to match Kubota. Massey wasn't too bad, but when I looked they still had the loader control on the front side and the seat was too high and uncomfortable.

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