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Young men, naturally have many questions about who they are, where they fit in to the grand scheme of things.
➡️ If you’re interested in learning about topics such as masculinity, success, fitness, and mental health you’ve come to a good place.
I’ve been working on building a great community here (and also on my Discord server) to inspire young men to improve themselves: take a massive step back from modern distractions like video games and become balanced, form healthy relationships, achieve their goals, and live healthy lives.

I was unhealthy, unbalanced, and hedonistic.
➡️ It took a lot of hard work and mindfulness, but I eventually turned my life around.
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Stop The Games - Why You Should Quit Playing Video Games

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  1. The danger is when its start messing with your priorities and goals. You notice slowly but surely you lose interest in certain stuff if you pay close attention. Its really scary once you take a step back from it… It may erase your motivation you previously had. Giving you no guidance only to come back to game until you find it there. Found this happening with MMORPG, with singleplayer though i experience more of a temporary relief/ break from reality.

  2. Yeh I actually left gaming like 7months ago and I just try to challenge my self my completing an book or studying or improving my life it feels for mind calming and chilling

  3. I don't play video games because I simply don't find them fun anymore. I find them either boring or frustrating. I also don't like paying $60 for a game after I paid $300 for a console that I originally wanted because of the built-in blu ray player.

  4. Hey hamza, hope you see this. I need to know if my friends are good enough, they're athletes, but they're also gamers. (I'm an athlete too and I play games when I'm with them, but most of the time we just play sports for hours bc we enjoy it)

  5. Everyone, i need your advices, should i quit this game ?! (i dont have any feelings for this game anymore and want to escape from it, the only thing hold me is that i already pay in game – 160$ *i dont know 160$ is too much or not because i not used to pay in games*), everytime i try to press uninstall (the feeling for guilty of that 160$ keep haunting me) ?!

  6. Thank you! I am 34 years old and now I am enlightened by this! Now, I am going to quit from playing video games once or twice per a week, and now I can spend all my time and money to buy steroids to become such a REAL MALE as you show in the video! You are so wise to give hope (=toxic masculine advice to young guy making them as much unattractive for girls as possible)!

  7. He kisses the camara because he knows that it really hurts to let this "fake friends" that you made online a long time ago, spent hours of laughing and speaking, agreeging same facts but now you have to level up in real life. W Hamza, it's hard.

  8. Just remember, this is hamza’s experience not yours so just go and try hearing other peoples opinions on gaming or other things

  9. I’m not gonna stop playing video games if it’s not fucking up my life. I’m not some fat ass in his moms basement only on the game and not doing anything else. Hell I can’t even live by myself yet because I’m not 18, but that’s besides the point. Like I said before playing video games will not kill you unless your addicted to them. Like some of these comments are saying, learn time management and more. Don’t bash video games because their not fun to you anymore or if bitches don’t like that you play them especially if your having fun. Theirs also benefits in playing them if you can manage to not play constantly.
    Jesus, some of comments and replies are cringe as shit.

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