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Sprouts Hours Today – How to grow sprouts at home without soil #Shorts

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In today’s short video I wanted to just show you in more depth how to grow sprouts at home without soil. It helps you to save money, food prep or meal prep for the week, as well as living sustainably. It’s just a great zero waste swap and fun to do.

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00:00 Intro
00:07 Rinse your containers
00:22 How many seeds to use
00:44 Rinse and then soak
00:57 Daily care
01:30 How to eat the sprouts

» M O R E F O O D ! »
» Healthy Meal Prep for Winter:
» How to Make Plant Based Milks:
» How to Make Nut Butters:

» W A T C H M O R E ! »
» Zero waste HABITS I actually still do:
» Minimalist HABITS I actually still do:
» 100 Healthy habits you have to try! :
» 100 ZERO WASTE swaps you have to try! :
» 100 Ways to REDUCE FOOD WASTE you have to try! :
» 100 Things to REUSE AND REPURPOSE you have to try!


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Sprouts Hours Today - How to grow sprouts at home without soil #Shorts

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  1. Can I make a request? I’ve noticed that you have begun gardening and growing your own. Would you use your platform to promote organic gardening to encourage wildlife? We need more pollinators or we won’t have many food sources. We need to ban slug pellets so they don’t also poison hedgehogs who eat the slugs. We need more peat free compost so that our beautiful peat lands can remain home for unique species and not release carbon into the air. I really feel like the zero waste YouTubers haven’t yet covered this yet and I’d love to see it.

  2. I like the longer videos (because then you actually earn ad revenue) is this correct? I love all your videos ofc idc how long they are, but I love supporting the channels I do watch the most I can.

  3. I have like five videos of you I still wanna watch. (I love your content and personality, both absolutely beautiful.) So these shorties are ideal!!

  4. Been making sprouts for birds for long. Very nutritionous and great to transition from seeds to veggies. Also easy to eat for babies. Never thought humans can eat them too lol

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