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Based on the current market, these homes are looking pretty good. For this list, we’ll be looking at houses from horror films reported to be actually haunted based on firsthand accounts. Our countdown includes “The Haunting in Connecticut”, “The Conjuring 2”, “Winchester”, and more! Which house do YOU find the scariest? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I don't know about the rest of the house is but I've been to the real conjuring house you want me to tell you there's something there I can tell you what it is but definitely when you go there you can feel something

  2. As a Elder Witch and by that apprised to critically look st what is offered up overall in that much touches upon what is called the paranormal and I have some things to say here. First of all the house of the hunting in Connecticut indirect burned down but after the family had left and the story and reports became well known. Second the boy Lee rectory have a long and serious and Eastern scientific go at delving into the supposed paranormal residents and there was one at least report which bears some possible anecdotal interest. Making anything that is said then or now about the girls quote made up activity unquote possibly her saying that just because she was tired of people either not believing her or questioning her or just wanting it to end.. something that the girls in the Enfield case maintain even though there is some anecdotal evidence which is not affordable and could suggest paranormal activity and in my mind there was but that is a personal opinion it has no way that I can verify it. I can't however personally verify by having been to the Winchester mystery House and by very unprompted like reports that say this exact same thing and maintain it and do not seem to be anything but personal anecdotal evidence that is over time the saint case. Any stream on YouTube of a video that dealt with whether it was haunted or not or and talked about the Sarah Winchester House and her story and what was true and not true and it was a very good job and I can't remember who did it now but in commentary I saw over and over again from visitors especially ones that grudgingly and without boast claimed sensitivity and by staff over time who commented in that stream that we all agree the house itself is not haunted and best there is some psychic trauma that has been recorded during the San Francisco earthquake especially because Sarah was trapped in a portion of the house that later was torn down and built building continued.. that the house itself there is no haunting there are no spirits however the grounds and the outline carriage House and buildings workshops that are also preserved as a state historical place of importance.. a preserved history.. that the grounds in the out buildings are definitely full of well at least is where the story really is although a lot of us can't explain exactly why.. that is pretty much agreed upon that all of the stories that you'll hear and even when you go the guys themselves will give you the history and talk about it will tell you that this is true and this is not true or this is this is made up fiction this is you know this is what the townspeople called because Sarah was unconventional but she had reasons for being so and things that she did also or given a mystical tone to please public interest and drum up to this day spookiness where there is none in the house of self at least. And lastly I just got to say about the Amityville house since it's came to light that Apple watches although they maintain his genuine about some of the instances that the book was made as a cash grab and it was hijacked by writer and not this lets his true story sort of elaborating for the sake of value to grab an audience who wanted to be scared.. it makes all the claims about it and everything said about it highly suspect and really this elaboration at least by the initial writer of the book that almost everything that is based upon makes highly highly suspect and should be viewed as being not quite kosher and will never know because even those that live there to this day don't want the notoriety that is unfairly brought upon it by a person looking to make a buck basically.. and that's another thing to finish on sometimes it's not good to go looking prepare normal activity for ghosts of spirits or to keep alive a sensational memory about a tragic thing..! Go sleep in the bedroom to understand what it was like at that time. Because we don't anymore and how it possibly could have impacted the case and will never know whether it was he actually did or not not really.. but to make a buck off of it or to get it good vacay with lots of selfies and get a story that you can tell everybody that's not honoring them and everybody pays for in the end they do and you do and those who make a buck off it will definitely.. it is skinny and exploitative and just plain wrong to glorify in tragedy misery ugly brutal death pain as sensationalist because that makes light of something that shouldn't be made light of…. So say this elder witch for my own personal experiences take it leave it it's not up to me to believe it or not believe it or probe what I say you'll do as you do as all humans do I merely point out what I know take it as you will..

  3. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have visited the Winchester Mystery House, and it definitely has a very strange feeling about it

  4. The original Amityville Horror those iconic half moon quarter windows and them glowing red personified evil lives here

  5. As far as The "Lizzy" Borden updated movie is concerned, it's No where near as good as the movie with Elizabeth Montgomery, she nailed being Lizzy Borden. None better !

  6. There are many that have made an impact:The Winchester House,the Borden Mansion,The Defeo house from Amityville Horror.

  7. There are three others that fit this list: "Grave Secrets" (1992) about Black Hope Cemetery, "The Haunted" (1991) about the Smurl House and "The Uninvited" (1996) about the Johnson-King House. They were all TV movies.

  8. The Winchester mystery house is a cool place, but there’s never been any actual paranormal events there.

  9. You forgot "The Entity"house!! Poor Doris moved in because it was cheaper but she didn't know it was haunted by a evil being.

  10. I saw “The Changeling” a few of times….and I didn’t find it frightening at all. The ball rolling down the stairs is the jumpiest scene and taken together with the rest of the movie only comes out as mildly scary at best; that’s because watching the movie you get this feeling that the protagonist is never in any real danger for he’s already very knowledgeable and skilled (thus ready to deal with anything weird coming at him) right from the start.

    I seriously strongly doubt Lorraine Warren ever said anything like that (it’s the most terrifying of her career) about Enfield….simply because the Warren never actually investigated the case; they did visit the house, but stayed there only for a few days and were never really involved in any investigation about the events. Their involment in the case is a urban and online myth – and same goes for the Amityville case, the Warren barely visited the house but were never involved in any investigations about it.

    People can say what they want, but I like “Winchester” and love Helen Mirren’s performance in the movie.

  11. My town is the most haunted town in Kansas. The sallie house which is one of the most haunted houses in America is in my town.

  12. The Winchester House isn't haunted. Old Lady Winchester was haunted with some personal guilt, because she was crazy.

  13. There is one that isn't on the list and not well known. It's the Courtner road house in Pueblo. A man was part of the KKK and killed and tortured African Americans. His wife found out and he chased her through the woods and shot her. He then shot his dog and his son. His daughter was hiding but when he found her he hung her from a tree in front of the house. Many people have car issues including my mother in law who's brand new car stalled out and she seen a man in the woods.

  14. Believe-it-or-else: According to a Realtor a friend knows just a rumor of paranormal activity can- and WILL- bring down a property value!!

  15. I think amyville I think I’m spelling it right is the most scariest house amyivlle horror I read the book and see the movie

  16. When I was about 8 years old, I watched a horror move about a haunted house (don't remember the name) while my mother was doing my grandmother's hair. From the age of 8 to 12yrs old I only slept about 15 minutes.

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