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Comedian, writer, director and Detroit native, Mike Young, is live from The Comedy Store for his new special, “Who the F is Mike Young”. Mike talks about married people having weak immune systems, loving your girlfriend’s flaws, nine hundred different types of weed, crazy chicks and more.


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Mike Young Comedian - Who the F is Mike Young - Full Special

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  1. Was he good? Yes. Did i get even halfway through? No. I dont care if a special is good. If its switching to some stupid skit every 4 minutes im not gonna watch it. Im here for the stand up part. Fucking stupid

  2. So I'm a huge entourage fan and listen to action Park media for victory the podcast and kevco. Mike tells a story with Kevin Connolly about how he hit a mafia guy and the story is crazy. Apparently Mike looked like the elephant man when it was all done n over . But what a story .

  3. I wanted to like it but after 20 minutes of the tired single/dating routine that isn't original (500 other comics have jokes almost exactly the same.) I had to go find a comedian with an actual unique act.

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