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Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp – Worst Rolls Ever – NPC D&D – Episode 42

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We start our fight with Yaris Goldhorn with some of the literal worst dice rolls ever.


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Maximilian'S Earthen Grasp - Worst Rolls Ever - NPC D&D - Episode 42

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  1. Title Card 0:46
    Greg refusing to jump to the conclusion that has been trying to kill them 1:22
    An intriguing, but very bad revelation 1:49
    Maximillian's Earthen Grasp 2:28
    Yaris rolls a Nat 1 with a negative mod! Is this hope? 3:00
    No Wild Surge (thank you Natural 1) 3:45
    When someone else's cat takes an interest in you, but also attacks you 4:12
    Mortal Kombat! 4:42
    Greg's finally reaches the conclusion 4:52
    Adam King is proud to introduce to the stage…. 5:09
    Bob leaps into action; quick heart attack 5:24
    Rob has an existential crisis 6:16
    Ben breaks 6:457:43
    New Dice; Ben tries to love again 8:23
    Natural 1, FULL-ON TABLE BREAKDOWN 8:41
    Rob runs the numbers for roll a 5 or less again 9:31
    Six. Huzzah? 10:06
    Walk of Shame (the Rogue cries) 10:5011:25
    Misty Step 11:39
    Yaris tries to stab Grin 12:18
    Ben goes full-Eeyore 12:4012:53
    The Curse is spreading! 13:12
    "Have you ever shaken hands with Wil Wheaton?" 13:29
    Good try? Thank you? 13:40
    Rowan feels helpless 16:00
    Bodger rolls to Investigate for Traps 16:14
    Shitting your pants in defeat 16:20
    F*** it, grab the shiny axe 16:3817:13
    The Fly Saga 17:33-????
    Bodger rolls Aracana to inspect shiny axe 17:58
    18! Has the curse halted? 18:09
    These runes must spell "Bodger's Axe" 18:37
    Ray of Frost (Disadvantage) 20:00
    Damage! Huzzah! 21:02
    Before the Kill 21:22
    Rob doing a killer impression of Greg doing a killer impression of Rob doing Yaris Goldhorn saying "Yaris Goldhorn" to open the gate 22:1222:40
    Get over here! 23:00
    Bob is afraid to ever love again 23:42
    Chill Touch (Advantage) 24:55
    Baradun hits the Real Yaris! Have the tables finally turned? 25:04
    Adam's Cursed "Grabby" Face 25:45
    Bob's turn….NEXT TIME, ON NPC D&D! 26:31
    Ben loves rolling Natural 1s 27:12

  2. I think Ben is my spirit animal when it comes to dice lol. This episode has had me in tears so far and I haven't even finished.

  3. God, I'm reviewing this episode for the fifth time and I can't stop laughing!)))) Poor Ben)))) Rob's laughter is a better remedy for a bad mood)))))

  4. I don't normally comment, BUT… but!!! I have to admit that Ben's not so great rolling is part of why I enjoying watching. Lol. Why? Cause I too am cursed. I know that pain. I feel that pain each time he rolls poorly. Crappy Dice Rollers Unite!

  5. no one gonna talk about rob conning hammish into dropping his concentration on calm emotions with shield of faith right after he talked about trying to break it with a melee atk dude didn't even know what he was doing dm over there looking like mr.burns not physically just evil wise palms together going excellent

  6. So I'm going to be that guy.

    As a math guy, Rob should know how probability works. It is just as likely that Ben's second or third roll gets a 1 as it is likely that his first roll got a 1. The result of each roll does not affect the probability of the successive rolls. Each number has a 5% chance (on a 20-sided die) of coming up, EACH TIME he rolls. It is just as likely that he rolls a 1 for 30 rolls straight as it is for him to roll a 12, 13, 15, 11, 12, 15, 13, 11, 14, 12, 11, 12, 15, 13, 11, 12, 14, 14, 13, 11, 15, 12, 14, 12, 13, 15, 11, 12, 14, and 11. Or any combination of number rolls. Sure, it's frustrating rolling low each time, but if he rolled, say, between 11 and 15 on each roll, no one would say, "That is so unlikely! How is that possible??" But when it's between 1 and 5, everyone loses their minds and thinks there's some kind of luck or rigging involved, even though he has a 20% chance of rolling between a 1 and a 5 and a 20% chance of rolling between 11 and 15.

    Okay, nerd rant over. lol

  7. More concerned with "HOW" does Ben actually level up? He says he explodes things from inside, but is he just going being actual hunters and just blows up their prey?
    With his dice throws he wouldn't be able to kill anything out in the wild either xD

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