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Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp – JavaScript Programming – Full Course

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Introduce about JavaScript Programming – Full Course

Learn JavaScript from scratch by solving over a hundred different coding challenges. Go here for the interactive browser version:

⭐️ Code ⭐️
Two versions:
🔗 Interactive version:
🔗 GitHub repo:

✏️ Created by Per Harald Borgen. Per on Twitter:

00:00 Intro
03:41 Passenger counter app
04:39 Setting up file
07:42 Create variable
12:27 Mathematical operations
16:16 Reassigning & incrementing
19:23 Adding button
21:41 onclick event listener
25:10 Using functions to write less code
28:48 First function
29:34 Function that logs sum
32:25 Function that increments
34:23 Increment on clicks
36:35 Display count
41:53 Document Object Model
43:47 Display count w/ innerText
44:30 Create save button
46:40 What is string?
48:16 First string variable
52:00 Log greeting to console
53:18 Strings vs. Numbers
Render welcome message
Improve message w/ string concatenation
Use plus equal for count
Create save feature
Debugging online
Set count to 0
Variables practice
Concatenate strings
Incrementing & decrementing
Strings & numbers
Rendering error message
Calculator challenge

Build Blackjack Game
1:31:27 Build Blackjack game
1:32:27 Add firstCard, secondCard, & sum
1:33:23 If…else conditionals
1:39:08 if…else statement
1:42:05 if/else…if/else statement
1:45:28 if…else statement for our game
1:47:32 hasBlackJack variable
1:49:38 isAlive variable
1:51:27 Practice boolean conditions
1:54:55 Add message variable
1:58:20 Link stylesheet
2:00:56 Add basic styling
2:05:19 Make start button work
2:11:13 Display message
2:13:48 Display sum
2:19:36 Display cards
2:21:34 New card button
2:25:16 Add to sum when newCard is clicked
2:28:36 Rename startGame function
2:30:52 Solving our cards problem w/ array
2:34:12 Arrays intro
2:39:30 Array indexes
2:43:50 Arrays w/ multiple data types
2:46:12 Adding & removing items from arrays
2:50:35 Creating cards array
2:51:43 Push new card to array
2:53:05 Counting
2:57:10 Loops
3:00:37 For loops & arrays
3:04:23 First array-based for loop
3:05:55 For loops, arrays, & DOM
3:08:55 Use loop to render cards
3:11:16 Avoid hard-coding values
3:12:51 Returning values
3:17:54 Use function to set card values
3:21:05 Generating random numbers w/ Math.random()
3:25:24 Math.random() * 6
3:27:11 Flooring number w/ Math.floor()
3:28:40 Create dice
3:30:23 Completing dice function
3:33:04 Make getRandomCard() work
3:36:00 getRandomNumber function
3:39:06 Assign values in startGame function
3:41:52 Card feature is broken
3:42:54 Logical AND operator
3:46:39 Logical operators
3:48:47 logical OR operator
3:51:52 Only trigger newCard() if you’re allowed to
Object sneak peek
Create first object
Store player data
Methods on object
Objects & functions
if else
Loops & arrays
push, pop, unshift, shift challenge
Logical operators
Rock papers scissors
Sorting fruits

Build Chrome Extension
4:33:54 Build Chrome Extension
4:38:30 Add button & input tag
4:40:06 Style button & input tag
4:47:28 Make input button work w/ onclick
4:48:49 Refactor to addEventListener
4:51:11 addEventListener()
4:52:58 Refactoring
4:54:25 Create myLeads array & inputEl
4:56:49 Using let & const
5:00:11 Push to myLeads array
5:01:24 Push value from input field
5:03:56 Use for loop to log out leads
5:05:38 Create unordered list
5:07:39 Render leads in unordered list
5:11:22 How to render li elements w/ innerHTML
5:13:01 innerHTML
5:14:34 More innerHTML practice
5:16:26 Render li elements w/ innerHTML
5:17:37 Use createElement() & append() instead of innerHTML
5:21:16 Improving performance of our app
5:24:37 Create render function
5:26:40 Clear input field
5:28:47 Add a tag
5:35:53 Template strings
5:35:54 Write template string
5:36:28 Make template string more dynamic
5:37:12 Template strings on multiple lines
5:41:03 Refactor app to use template string
5:42:19 Style list
5:46:13 Preparing deployment
Deploying Chrome Extension
What is localStorage?
First localStorage
Storing arrays in localStorage
Save leads
Get leads
Truthy & falsy values
Guess expression: truthy or falsy?
Checking localStorage before rendering
Style delete button
Make delete button work
How function parameters can improve our code
Write function parameter
Functions w/ multiple params
Numbers as function params
Arguments vs Params
Arrays as params
Refactor renderLeads() to use parameter
Create tabBtn
Save tab url
Get current tab
Use Chrome API to get tab
Deploy final version

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  1. Woohoo! I have successfully completed the JavaSript beginners course with Per, I appreciate the way of teaching and practicing. I have learned a lot of things in just one video. Hoping to take an advance JS course from the freecodecamp.
    Thank you so much Sir.

  2. Hey guys, I created the delete button but when double clicking it only clears the local storage but not what is on the DOM. Any idea as to why this is happening? I went over all the code and everything looks good so I'm confused here.

  3. You have been part of my daily life for half a year. Now that I finished the course I feel lonely but thanks to you now I know the basics of js and also grabbed little ideas of software

  4. I love Scrimba in first time use and wanna continue the lessons on it. I left a like to ur vid, love u freeCodeCamp

  5. Is there a mistake at the 3:51:52 mark? When I use the code

    function newCard() {

    if (isAlive === true && hasBlackJack === false) {

    let card = getRandomCard()

    sum += card





    it doesnt run, however if I use if (isAlive === false && hasBlackJack === false

    The code runs fine

  6. For those who are saying this tutorial is not so good because it has too many complicated concepts:
    I watched it 3 weeks ago and did not understand anything. But now I'm learning everything on this video. How?
    Because I realized that to learn from such big tutorials you need to learn the "basic of the basic" first.
    There aren't many tutorials that teach the very beginners like myself. Fortunately I was able to find an AWESOME book, it's called "Javascript in Less Than 50 Pages", I recommend it to anyone who is a very beginner, before start watching any big tutorial.
    Learning the basics first is how you can dive into more complex, more complicated video tutorials.

  7. so far kind of messy tutorial, not optimal for beginners . Too much stuff going on behind curtains, so you can`t figure out why htmlcss part don`t work.
    Those little tasks seem interesting, so I might come back later, after watching more structural tutorial and learning more about how files interact with each other, how to set up everything etc..

  8. Important tip:- If the links rendered under the SAVE INPUT button do not open, just add two forward slashes in the href attribute string in the anchor tag in the renderLeads() function.
    Hence, the syntax will be, <a target='_blank' href='//${myLeads[i]}'>

    But remove those slashes while deploying the final version of the extension.

    Hope this helps!

  9. At 3:05:50 , I understand why the output for console.log(test) is three cards = [7, 3, 9], and I also understand the output of console.log(i) is 0, 1, 3, but can someone explain the console.log(test[i])?? I'm trying to understand the logic on this one. I am bothered that I am just copying it without fully understanding it.

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