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Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp – (D&D 5e) A Guide to Sorcerer Level 2 Spells

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Introduce about (D&D 5e) A Guide to Sorcerer Level 2 Spells

We continue our sorcerer guide with a deep dive into all level 2 Spells on the sorcerer spell list.

Fog cloud video:

Shadow Blade Video:

Tasha’s Mind Whip Video:

1:00 Intro and a word on level 2 spell selection
3:36 Aganazzar’s Scorcher
5:00 Metamagic for Aganazzar’s Scorcher
5:20 Alter Self
6:05 Metamagic and Alter Self
6:25 Blindness / Deafness
7:25 Metamagic and Blindness / Deafness
7:45 Blur
8:18 Metamagic and Blur
8:38 Cloud of Daggers
9:18 Metamagic and Cloud of Daggers
9:38 Crown of Madness
13:11 Metamagic and Crown of Madness
13:31 Darkness
15:39 Metamagic and Darkness
15:59 Darkvision
16:51 Metamagic and Darkvision
17:11 Detect Thoughts
18:18 Metamagic and Detect Thoughts
18:38 Dragon’s Breath
20:12 Metamagic and Dragon’s Breath
20:30 Dust Devil
21:28 Metamagic and Dust Devil
21:52 Earthbind
22:42 Metamagic and Earthbind
23:02 Enhanced Ability
24:38 Metamagic and Enhance Ability
24:59 Enlarge / Reduce
26:50 Metamagic and Enlarge / Reduce
27:12 Gust of Wind
29:41 Metamagic and Gust of Wind
30:08 Hold Person
33:35 Metamagic and Hold Person
33:55 Invisibility
37:30 Metamagic and Invisibility
37:50 Knock
38:45 Metamagic and Knock
39:05 Levitate
40:29 Metamagic and Levitate
40:51 Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp
45:20 MetaMagic and Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp
45:40 Mind Spike
47:54 Metamagic and Mind Spike
48:15 Mirror Image
49:04 Metamagic and Mirror Image
49:26 Misty Step
51:00 Metamagic and Misty Step
51:23 Phantasmal Force
54:28 Metamagic and Phantasmal Force
54:50 Pyrotechnics
56:17 Metamagic and Pyrotechnics
56:37 Scorching Ray
58:50 Metamagic and Scorching Ray
59:12 See Invisibility
59:55 Metamagic and See Invisibility
1:00:15 Shadow Blade
1:00:48 Metamagic and Tasha’s Caustic Brew
1:01:04 Shatter
1:01:47 Metamagic and Shatter
1:02:09 Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
1:02:50 Metamagic and Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
1:03:10 Spider Climb
1:03:57 Metamagic and Spider Climb
1:04:18 Suggestion
1:05:17 Metamagic and Suggestion
1:05:40 Tasha’s Mind Whip
1:08:17 Metamagic and Tasha’s Mind Whip
1:08:38 Warding Wind
1:10:23 Metamagic and Warding Wind
1:10:44 Web
1:12:37 Metamagic and Web
1:13:00 Final Spell Choice Recommendations
1:14:57 Highly Recommended Spells Summary
1:15:19 Good Spells Summary
1:15:35 Situational Spells Summary
1:15:51 Sub-optimal Spells Summary

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A big thank you to Nate from the Great Old Ones Gaming for the awesome intro stingers.

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  1. actually for ranged attackers and hold person they just get straight up advantage. ranged attackers only suffer disadvantage attacking from 5 ft if the enemy isn't incapacitated and they can see you. hold person incapacitates the enemy and thus nullifies the disadvantage. if a ranged attacker attacked someone within 5 ft who was blinded or they are obscured then it's straight up advantage again.

  2. I love this series. One important detail: the "Careful Metamagic" reading you are using is not the rules' one, it is the Jeremy Crawford's one, which is not official. This is very important because many people take Jeremy's word as the D&D bible when it is not: it is just his opinion. If you check the latest Sage Advice (which is official), you will see that there is no mention to when the saving throw has to be rolled, and it is left to the DM's interpretation. By RAW, you can say it applies to the first Saving Throw rolled, which it can be or it can be not when you cast the spell. This means that you could apply it with Web and other spells…

  3. I'm playing in a discord server post by post and we're not allowed to use the help action except if you're proficient in it. I use enhanced ability multiple times a day. 10x as much as any one other spell.

  4. Correction about aganazzar's scorcher. It has a 30 foot range and a 30 foot line for a total range of 60 feet. And because you aren't the point of origin it's much easier to line up multiple enemies in one hit than most other line spells. So much so that you should always be hitting at least 2 creatures with it. Shatter is still objectively better in most situations, but this allows for a more precise AOE. Possibly allowing you to hit multiple enemies in situation when shatter would hit allies. Still not the greatest spell of all time, but I didn't think you were giving it enough credit.
    Edit. It also basically gets a free up cast if used with web.

  5. Enlarge/reduce:
    Anything you see Ant-man do.
    Reduce a door/chestlid/staircase/…allows gnomes to fly.

    Dragon's Breath:
    The variable elemental damage, for DM's who like to homebrew and play with that, very fun applications.

  6. Don’t forget to mention the new spells added to the sorcerer’s via TCoE. Flaming Sphere is a fantastic spell to concentrate to for Damage plus battlefield control forcing enemies to move or take damage, also give you a very good use of your bonus action. Flame blade and magic weapon are bit more situational, but are good for a more martial Draconic Sorcerer build or to buff allies with magical weapon against enemies like lycanthropes or something similar, respectively of course.

  7. I just started playing a Draconic Sorcerer. These videos are amazing! Looking forward to your others! Take my sub! 🙂

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