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Quick correction: I accidentally colored Enlarge/Reduce as red – it was intended to be orange.

00:00 Intro
1:40 Arcane Lock (red)
2:38 Web (blue)
6:20 Misty Step (green, blue for Enchanters)
7:47 Flaming Sphere (green)
9:39 Cloud of Daggers (orange)
10:32 Dust Devil (red)
11:39 See Invisibility (purple)
12:37 Locate Object (orange)
13:47 Detect Thoughts (orange)
15:09 Mind Spike (red)
16:44 Suggestion (green)
18:33 Hold Person (orange)
19:50 Crown of Madness (orange)
21:12 Darkness (purple)
23:33 Shatter (purple)
25:00 Warding Wind (orange)
26:53 Gust of Wind (orange)
28:41 Scorching Ray (orange)
30:17 Continual Flame (orange)
32:13 Melf’s Acid Arrow (red)
33:08 Aganazzar’s Scorcher (red)
33:49 Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm (red)
34:53 Mirror Image (blue)
36:46 Invisibility (green)
37:51 Blur (purple)
39:01 Shadow Blade (purple)
41:29 Phantasmal Force (purple)
43:54 Nystul’s Magic Aura (orange)
44:54 Magic Mouth (orange)
45:44 Blindness/Deafness (purple)
46:56 Gentle Repose (orange)
47:47 Ray of Enfeeblement (red)
48:28 Levitate (green)
49:58 Dragon’s Breath (purple)
50:57 Rope Trick (purple)
52:11 Pyrotechnics (purple)
53:33 Darkvision (purple)
54:28 Magic Weapon (orange)
55:51 Alter Self (orange)
56:38 Enlarge/Reduce (orange, accidentally colored red)
58:08 Knock (orange)
59:15 Spider Climb (orange)
1:00:19 Earthbind (orange)
1:01:42 Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp (orange)
1:03:29 Skywrite (red)
1:04:38 Conclusion

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Maximilian'S Earthen Grasp - Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards: 2nd level spells

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  1. Wait, what? Web doesn't let you repeat the save. "On a failed save, the creature is Restrained as long as it remains in the webs or until it breaks free." Breaking free is the strength check, so no point in repeating the save, as it doesn't end the already existing restrained condition.

  2. I think that part of the issue with a uniform color code is that some spells are great at 3rd level but not at 8th and viceversa, because of the value of slots.
    Dragon's Breath is green and Earthen's grasp is definitely purple at 3rd or 4th level, when you have a couple of second level spells and if your DM is doing the proper 6-8 fights per long rest you can do maybe one spell per combat, even considering arcane recovery, and concentration is surely not an issue. Web for many opponent, EG for one enemy: the fact that if he frees himself you can grab him again without spending a slot is huge because the opportunity cost is zero, as you are not casting other spells in any case.
    Similarly Mirror Image is definitely not a spell I would take at 3rd or 4th level, unless your DM is doing one fight per short/long rest: if you have two second level spells for 6 fights, if you spend them to protect yourself you are uselessly shooting cantrips. You absolutely need to keep your slots for Web and other control. At the opposite, when second level slots are not a rare commodity, it is a great spell, definitely blue.

  3. I think if Dust Devil didn't also damage YOU if you stood near it, you could at least pop it right above your head and use it as a "fuck off" effect when enemies come up and attack you. They could still move away to avoid the damage before ending their turn but then they're taking an attack of opportunity, which, if you have war caster, could be a lot worse than just taking the Dust Devil damage.

  4. I know this is an old video and maybe this info doesn't change much but I think Ill add it anyway lol: Snillocs Snowball Storm does actually have small advantages compared to shatter that you didn't address – The small/insignificant ones are that it isn't noisy and doesn't do the object damage that shatter does. I think where their main justification of the smaller AOE is that it's range is 90 feet which is 1/3 farther than Shatter. That is quite a long range for many spells that level. It may play a role in wide open areas at that level

  5. Arcane lock is good for splitting up enemy encounters in a building, though. Run back, have the enemies follow, then slam the door shut halfway through! The deadly encounter is now two easy ones.

  6. Mirror Image's drawback is that the mirror images also have their own (rather low) AC and if that AC is breached, the mirror image dissolves. Ergo, after three successful hits on you, your mirror images are all down and the enemy is free to do as they please to attack you. Also, if you miss the die roll, the mirror images are useless anyway.

  7. I'm playing a divination wizard and I don't hate mind spike. I know the damage isn't great, but my combat priorities with this character are support and battlefield control. The fact that I can choose to concentrate to help my companions track an invisible target seems at least somewhat useful in this campaign. Plus, like you mention, the synergy with Expert Divination can be nice.

  8. Just have to say Magic Mouth is one of the most useful spells in the game. You can enchant your weapon to taunt your enemies, set up reusable alarm systems you can carry with you, have your clothes or armor alert you to the presence of traps or secret doors that are visible, and the list goes on

  9. Going through all your spell ranking videos (1-9), which are totally awesome…it’s clear you rate all wizard spells based on your own play style as a “battlefield control wizard”.

    You almost seem to disdain direct damage spells.

  10. I may be misreading Nystral’s Magic Aura… but am I correct in believing you could use it to change yourself to not be a Humanoid by changing yourself to be an Elemental (for example) and thus immune to things like Hold Person?

  11. One thing to say in defense of Dust Devil is that the spell takes on the appearance of an actual dust devil, so its actually good if fighting enemies like humans because it might give them pause when seeing this huge monstrous tornado creature, until they figure out its a fake. It works similarly to an illusion of a monster

  12. The way I read earthen grasp the hand stays even if they make the save and you can potentially have another try, not much but it's a little better

  13. I was a little surprised by the low rating of Enlarge/Reduce. What about the combo available to small races: Enlarge/Reduce + Mage Hand. Reducing a small creature will reduce its weight to below the mage hand carrying capacity and give a low level character the ability to fly. That has got to be worth something, right?

  14. Something I came across recently, web can be used to knock flying creatures out of the sky. You can have the 20ft cube appear at any point in range, including up. If there is nothing for it to attach to or be layered onto, the spell doesn’t fail, it just goes away at the start of your next turn, meaning any creatures in the area will have to make their saves or be restrained until the start of your next turn. Presumably, RAW that means any flying creature (or preferably a large group of creatures) without hover would come crashing down to the ground immediately, taking fall damage and landing prone for the fighter to carve up.
    You don’t get as much use out of it for the duration but it might be just the thing you need to get them out of the air, especially since the Earthbind spell doesn’t make them actually fall.

  15. Mirror image doesn't affect attacks that force saves or creatures that don't depend on sight, so on my warlock, I figure armor of agathys is better up cast since you get two spell slots at max cast.

  16. Arcane lock is the first level version of rope trick… +10 to open lock or break allows you to wall yourself in a room and take a short rest if the ennemies are not strong

  17. Just as an aside, Earthbind is theoretically at least a hard counter to Beholders. They have ONLY a flying speed, and despite being a CR 13 creature, have +0 to strength saves. All their attacks are ranged and they are built with the assumption that they are hovering up out of reach, blasting down at you, and using antimagic to prevent you from flying up to them. Virtually trivialized by a second level spell slot, though kind of depends on how you rule on if it can use its antimagic cone on itself. Not saying it makes the spell good, just a fun aside.

  18. Shatter could be blue. Usually using concentration on a 3rd or 4th level spell. Shatter provides the best dmg while concentrating, rather use an upgraded shadow blade or summon fey for concentration instead of Fireball one time use.

  19. the way i and some others see melf's acid arrow is not "oh yeah i'm gonna do some sick damage" but more
    like "hey caster, take a concentration check. then take another one at the end of your next turn."

    Besides being a troll killer, it's a caster counter.

    Imagine a foe wizard casts suggestion successfully on the party's fighter, who is now walking or running away from the battle. if melf hits the wizard that cast it, now there's two chances for the fighter to get back in the mix.

  20. I’m playing a 9th level Conjurer right now and I rank Shatter as Green instead of Purple. I know both Fireball and Shatter and I have both of them prepared. We’re facing challenges where I use several spells and even though Fireball is that much better than Shatter, Shatter is a 2nd level spell so when I cast it I’m saving a 3rd level spell slot for a different spell other than Fireball. Or, when I’m out of 3rd level spell slots I still have 2nd level spell slots to use on Shatter.

  21. I love your content… but detect thoughts is criminally underrated to me. It is worth orange rate only in a heavy dungeon crawl campaign. In every official adventure from wotc I find it super useful!!

  22. 31:10 is when you talk about continual flame. Sadly if you pull out your lantern all you would see is darkness since the Darkness spell has a little bit of extra text that reads: If any of this spell’s area overlaps with an area of light created by a spell of 2nd level or lower, the spell that created the light is dispelled

  23. So this is an amazing video and I got a lot of new information and I agree with 95% of what you told me. The one thing I don't agree with is Shadow blade. But that's because I'm not a wizard I'm an Eldritch knight. And the fact that I get to make four attacks with Shadow blade but if I use booming blade I only get to make two…… And one of those consumes your bonus action! Shadow blade only takes your bonus action once and then you can use your bonus action to do something else like activate shieldmaster and knock them on their butt for adv. Plus those Shadow blade attacks are at like double damage yeah Shadow blade is is a must take if you're an Eldridge fighter. 100% must have spell. I mean it's like the only way to double your damage basically for an entire combat…….. You have to have it in the game you have to be able to give them that power otherwise Eldritch night would be the worst possible fighter class

  24. I’ve watched this video about 7 times trying to figure out what spells to pick out for my necromancer arcane trickster rouge. I’m a pretty big fan.

  25. Would you rank Hold Person a little higher once we point out that it gets more targets when upcast? Here you placed it in orange, or two stars.

  26. Enlarge / reduce is an incredibly versatile spell. If you focus only on the straightforward buff / debuff potential in combat you are very much missing the point. A creative player can use this spell in much more powerful ways and even save the party in certain, no rare, circumstances.

  27. Abjuration
    (1:46) Arcane Lock

    (2:41) Web
    (6:21) Misty Step
    (7:47) Flaming Sphere
    (9:43) Cloud of Daggers
    (10:37) Dust Devil

    (11:45) See Invisibility
    (12:38) Locate Object
    (13:47) Detect Thoughts
    (15:09) Mind Spike

    (16:46) Suggestion
    (18:37) Hold Person
    (19:50) Crown of Madness

    (21:17) Darkness
    (23:32) Shatter
    (25:00) Warding Wind
    (26:54) Gust of Wind
    (28:48) Scorching Ray
    (30:18) Continual Flame
    (32:17) Melf's Acid Arrow
    (33:12) Aganazzar's Scorcher
    (33:49) Snilloc's Snowball Swarm

    (34:54) Mirror Image
    (36:46) Invisibility
    (37:54) Blur
    (39:02) Shadow Blade
    (41:29) Phantasmal Force
    (43:54) Nystul's Magic Aura
    (44:55) Magic Mouth

    (45:46) Blindness/Deafness
    (46:56) Gentle Repose
    (47:48) Ray of Enfeeblement

    (48:29) Levitate
    (49:58) Dragon's Breath
    (50:58) Rope Trick
    (52:11) Pyrotechnics
    (53:33) Darkvision
    (54:29) Magic Weapon
    (55:51) Alter Self
    (56:39) Enlarge/Reduce
    (58:09) Knock
    (59:15) Spider Climb
    (1:00:19) Earth Bind
    (1:01:42) Maximilian's Earthen Grasp
    (1:03:29) Skywrite

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