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Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp – The Five Best Battlefield Control Spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

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Battlefield control spells which trap, restrain, and incapacitate foes are amongst the most popular, potent, and fun spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. We discuss our top five picks in this video:

4:12 Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
7:51 Web
11:33 Hypnotic Pattern
15:04 Banishment
18:32 Wall of Force
22:09 Honorable Mentions

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Maximilian'S Earthen Grasp - The Five Best Battlefield Control Spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

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  1. Do you think the Wizard remains the master of battlefield control in 5e, or does another class have an edge over them we might be overlooking?

  2. Can you do a new version of this video? There has a lot of new spells for battlefield control. Plus, i think feats like "telekinetic" greatly improves the battlefield control..

  3. You're missing Fog Cloud and Sleet Storm (for Arcane casters) and Plant Growth and Spike Growth (for Druids and Rangers).

    Fog Cloud blocks line of sight in a 20 foot radius. If the enemy gas a bunch of casters or archers in the back, you can put Flog Cloud between you and them to prevent them from attacking you while you deal with the melee enemies, and then the ranged enemies will come though later. A lot of mileage from only a 1st-level spell.

    Sleet Strom also blocks vision in a MUCH larger area, 40 foot radius. On top of that, it creates difficult terrain and has a chance to cause enemies to trip and fall prone. Cast this over all the enemies. And then wait at the edge of the effect as they slowly trickle out of the blizzard one by one for you to pick them off. Unlike Hypnotic pattern, blocking line of sight and difficult terrain doesn't give enemies a chance to make a save. As if that weren't enough… If any enemies inside the Sleet Storm are concentrating on a spell, they have to make concentration check against your spell DC, every single turn.

  4. hideous laughter is no joke especially on a high level enchanter. On side they enchanters are the only ones able to get it off with consistency FYI bards my have the spell but they do not have the DC to get if off consistently.

  5. yall talk for way to long saying the same thing over and over reasuring each other its gross mhmm mhmm mhhhmmm mhmm thats u

  6. An Artificer at level 11 can store a whole bunch of Web spell charges in an item using their spell storing item ability. This can easily be 8 or 10 uses of web cast by another creature. Even their homunculus servant could use the item while flying about.

  7. I know this video is CRAZY old, but hypnotic pattern ends if they take damage; suffocation doesn’t deal damage, you just die. Choke them out. There ya go.

  8. Tidal Wave has my pick, because my DM threw a demon at us and it had me rolling death saves in one turn of attacking. Before it nearly killed my Druid though, Tidal Wave can knock opponents over and prone targets give you advantage over them, I knocked the demon prone 3 times in a row. Knocking the demon prone multiple times allowed the other players to kill the demon after it nearly killed my Druid(and then the Cleric nearly finishes me(Druid) off, a story for another time). And the only reason it wasn't knocked prone a 4th time is because it finally made the DEX save.

  9. I’m in a horde of the dragon Queen campaign and we are running through a swamp castle, I’ve ended 2 ambushes with my hypnotic pattern. It went very quickly from a possible tpk to easy win so fast

  10. I'm a little bit surprised that grease isn't mentioned. Yeah the area of effect is small, but it doesn't need concentration and everything for each turn in it could fall prone. The save is when the spell is cast and when they are still in the effected area. With other words, you double the chance to get the effect of it and on top of it, it's a 1. LvL spell slot

  11. Hard disagree on hideous laughter being best
    Entangle, available to druids (and rangers if using expanded spells from tasha's), is often better

    However hideous laughter is much better against spellcasters

  12. So I bought a starter kit for DND I wanted to play and my cousin is a DM on occasion so he agreed to DM for me we created a level 15 cleric and used that as a base for a starter kit I used insect plague to basically kill an entire ambush party without realizing I had done so and when I came out of the dungeon and examine the area I had then found that my inside plague had killed said people it was pretty fun also we did boost up the bad guy characters so it wasn't an easy time for my character evil buffed and good was solo pretty crazy adventure

  13. Hypnotic Pattern is really a great spell, had an invisible enemy and no way to find them. Cast it on the area we were fairly sure he was standing causing him to lose concentration and stand there drooling like an idiot.

  14. in one game I played a sorceror/bard with twin cast and twin casting Tashas hideous laughter wrecked several enounters run by our gm. Once we were fighting hags and I kept 2 of them basically out of action for several rounds while we concentrated on the one who was not laughing. Also as in incapacitates them it drops concentration so they had just cast a 5th level c oncentration spell and then they dropped and lost it. It really is nasty

  15. My group was playing Rise of Tiamat. The cultists were attacking Watersdeep and they brought three young chromatic dragons with them. To get to the dragons, we would have to leave the building we were in through a series of hallways that were filled with cultists. By the time we even got to the dragons, we would have been severely weakened. Meanwhile, a metallic dragon was holding the chromatic dragons off while we fought the cultists, but likely would have been severely injured or even dead by the time we got there.

    From the room we were in, we were within 120 feet of the dragons. While the rest of the party was clearing out the cultists, I was casting Hypnotic Pattern on the dragons. The turn order worked out very well here. I would cast Hypnotic Pattern, the chromatic dragons would get to do nothing, then the metallic dragon would attack them. This repeated until the chromatic dragons were dead.

    I was even able to take this further. If I was able to get within 60 feet of them, I could cast Silvery Barbs if one of them succeeded saving on Hypnotic Pattern. Fortunately, back when we first encountered Dragonwings, we attached their limited flight ability to their armor. I took a set and had my own limited flight while wearing it. The room we were in now was on the third floor. A floor is about 14 feet tall. This means I could use my limited flight to go down through the window and fly the 28 feet from where I was to the ground. This put the dragons within range of Silvery Barbs.

    Somehow the three dragons wound up being the easier encounter.

  16. I personally love blindness/deafness and cloud of daggers at lower levels, although cloud of daggers is far more situational. Also, I'm pretty fond of fog cloud even though it can be hard to use it in a way that benefits your team more than causing you problems. Finally, hallucinatory terrain. How long can your players come up with an overly complicated plan to cross an 80ft crevasse in the middle of the path when all they had to do was keep walking? Endless fun for the dm!

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