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Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp – Shock Traps, Earthen Grasp & Rock Mastery vs. High Dragon

Pots Shock Traps, Earthen Grasp & Rock Mastery vs. High Dragon on the topic of Maximilian’S Earthen Grasp You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s santaniegos learn about Shock Traps, Earthen Grasp & Rock Mastery vs. High Dragon in today’s post!

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Patch 1.02a, no mods, Nightmare difficulty.
This video illustrates three points:
1. The use of traps as a means of dealing with tough bosses. In this video, 40 Shock Traps were used. Frost, Shock and Soulrot traps all deal 80 damage (cold, electricity and spirit, respectively) per trap to lvl 20 High Dragon with Nightmare resistance bonus.
2. The reliability of Earthen Grasp. High Dragon has the highest physical resistance stat of all elite bosses in DA:O, save Archdemon. Statistically, lvl 24 Shale with 81 strength was able to paralyze her ~60% of the time. Also note its duration is apparently unaffected by High Dragon’s rank.
3. The effectiveness of maxed out Rock Mastery + Aim combination. First of all, it grants an unparalleled effective bonus of +40% ranged critical chance. As demonstrated, the archer PC has a 77.20% critical chance. Secondly, consider the rate of fire in the video with Aim. Haste was also active at that time, but, in fact, did not slow down the ranged attack speed, since Rock Mastery effectively overrides any other modifiers to aim speed. See for details.

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Maximilian'S Earthen Grasp - Shock Traps, Earthen Grasp & Rock Mastery vs. High Dragon

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  1. I am kinda sad now That i played he whole of orgins w/o knowing about the rock mastery + aim bug and haste , would have helped alot to know that since archer is by far one of the worsts specs in the game.

  2. That, is actually quite funny. Here I usually go at it willy-nilly with Alistar Morrigan and Leliana with myself as a warrior. Good times, gets the job down but Alistar all ways kill steals.

  3. It works. I just had to plant my main character on the traps as bait and the dragon tries to squash him, triggering the traps. I had a lot of traps left.

  4. nice video :o)
    Does that still work after the latest updates?
    and also I am curious to know how much that cost ya to buy all those traps?

  5. When I did this, the dragon got stuck between a pillar and some water, so I just killed it with my mages. I guess I lucked out =P

  6. @Mooskow Because female dwarves are gorgeous, especially in something skimpy like the chasind robes you get in the Korcari Wilds at the beginning. Mmm.

  7. This video demostrates a high level of knowledge of the ruleset and good usage of same. Brilliant, love to see these demos! I guess with Rucks inf supply of Lifestones one could make inf Acid Traps for the same purpose for all tough encounters that arent Nature dmg immune right?..and then use the limited elemental ones for those ?

  8. I defeated the dragon legitly on normal. Had Alistair in the juggernaut gear from the forest during the werewolf crap. Lasted 3 – 5 minutes with all my characters around lv. 13 doing 15 – 30 damage a hit (lol). It's not too hard with Wrynne as your healer, just make sure she's got some mana conservation as well as a lot of healing potions & lyrium potions. Buff Alistair or your tank for defense, and your highest damage dealer for damage. GL, and remember.. It didn't happen if it wasn't legitly.

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