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Laredo Cowboy Boots – I was SURPRISED by Stillwater Laredo Cowboy Boots!

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Laredo Cowboy Boots - I was SURPRISED by Stillwater Laredo Cowboy Boots!

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  1. Those look awesome. Been needing a pair of 'kickers that I down care about, and those look like the pair, style wise, comfort wise, they are actually welted to which is a major plus. Thanks for the review.

  2. Confused… you wear a 12 b normally so a 10.5 fits??
    Does this only apply to certain shaped cowboy boots?
    What is your street shoe size?
    I am an 11… was thinking of ordering an 11 in these boots… is this okay?

  3. If you reviewed different slim fit jeans and how they fit 9ber the boot shaft I would watch that. I hate baggy jeans, but need cuts that go over the boot shaft

  4. Jeremiah Craig how would you condition a boot with this type of distressed leather is there anything special you would do?

  5. Shovel Toe boots? You can keep them. The Traditional Classic pointed Cowboy Boots are being phased out by these Shot Boots. Luckily I still have my Boots Hand made. Still have many pair over 35 years old in Great shape.

  6. I got burned by Laredo. I ordered a pair of their trucker boots and their website listed the boot as having a leather shaft. When I got the boot it’s blatantly obvious it was man made and even the tag on the inside stated it was man made. I got my money back and they later fixed their listing but I’m still very put off by the whole thing.

  7. Hey Jeremiah if you get the time I've been wanting to see a proper review on the Ariat Legend Phoenix boot to see if they're worth getting, anyways thanks and great video!

  8. These are a great bad weather boot. Believe it or not I like the print on the outsole. I didn't like them at first , but they looked really good on you and that sold me.

  9. Laredo boots I had a pair they… they didn’t last well they have a wrong feel of comfort.

    My feet would burn when walking on these pair.

  10. I have two pairs of Laredo’s they aren’t the most comfortable boots I own, but haven’t given me any problems.

  11. Hey Jeremiah, nice review, and nice looking boots.
    Glad to see you present another more affordable boot for those just wanting to join the big beautiful boot wearing family !
    These boots lower the threshold for many newbies…..Good work !

  12. I really like these boots, great review. Had a different brand that had similar soles, found they had great traction on slippery surfaces.

  13. The straw wouldn't bug me as I walk in straw at times no biggy there. It looks like a good boot to me!

  14. I have a pair of Laredos made in USA and I love them. 2nd favorite pair of boots I own. I like the color of the boot but due to how I think and my morals I couldn't spend $140 on a pair of boots made in India, china, etc. I'd rather pay more for boots where my money stays in states (made in usa) or Canada or Mexico. But overall awsome review

  15. Looks cool, and I'm always looking for very casual wet weather boots…the straw on the bottom is just too much for me.

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