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Chandler and Kathy just can’t stop their feeling to each other. Friends Season 4 Episode 7 “The One Where Chandler Crosses the …

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Kathy From Friends - Friends【Chandler kisses Kathy, Joey's girlfriend】

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  1. This was a huge missed opportunity.
    They should have kept this for at least a season, I hated that they turned her character into a cheater later on.
    Even the female cast of the show wanted the 2 of them to continue.

  2. Wow this scene gives me butterflies, the tension is so amazing but the “I have to, he’s my best friend” is so passionate you can really feel how both of them are thinking about Joey the whole time.

  3. The perfect time to tell Joey would've been when he started dating Kasey; it shows that it wasn't serious with Kathy and Joey loves Chandler so much, he would've stepped aside and at least had someone else.

  4. Am I the only one who find Chandler's hair wasn't changed after the haircut ( even messier when it's wet )

  5. Although chandler was wrong for kissing joeys girlfriend. Both of them clearly had feelings for each other and the way that they tried their hardest to think about Joey makes this scene feel too relatable. I liked how they tried to do the right thing unlike other tv shows. It’s too bad there relationship didn’t work out

  6. Most the scenes in this show the girls' nipples are always bulging is it some wardrobe malfunction thing or fan service but either way no one is complaining

  7. Uh i just realised that this where chandler and kathy should have ended up together and the bond of frienship of joey and chandler should have been stronger to overcome this situation. Because they were perfect for each OTHER!

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