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In this episode, I attempt to run the KC Marathon even though I haven’t run past 14 miles in 27-months. See how Hallie and I do.

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Kansas City Marathon - Kansas City Marathon Challenge - E348

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  1. Hey Jason, congratulations on the PR! I was behind (waaay behind) you guys–started late and ran slow (Half), but it's all good. How do you like that new route?? I almost wish I'd done the Full, after seeing the route you took south of the Plaza. Almost.

  2. Great Run and a PR to boot !
    I am considering the KC Full for 2022 and I am a STRONG Believer in One-and-Done! I just chose the wrong "One" to do my Full at back in 2017 🙂

  3. Without us running the race together that was the most times I would be in a video, just kept seeing you! Good job on the PR, that was not the easiest race to do that at! Thought this was a very good race! (I also liked you passing all the pacers!)

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