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The Jehovah’s Witnesses new world headquarters is now open in Warwick, N.Y. along Blue Lake in Sterling Forest.

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Jehovah Witness Headquarters - Jehovah's Witnesses new world headquarters

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  1. I can just about guess be that it was all built with the free labor of the witnesses, if not partially. This is why it is so critical that they hold onto their remaining serfs, so as to not have to pay out huge sums for construction etc. Just tell the serfs it's for Jehovah and the kingdom and you've got all the free labor you need. But they're not to worry because they'll be rewarded in the new system. What a crock. This is why they are referred to as sheep. Their only response is to obediently comply or face disfellowshipping or the wrath of Jehovah.

  2. Please i study with the witnesses and wish to visit the JW headquarters please can someone help or give me a detail on how to contact the headquarters please

  3. Please i study with the witnesses and wish to visit the JW headquarters please can someone help or give me a detail on how to contact the headquarters please

  4. Hello Everyone…well….this looks like an organized prison as bethel is pretty much a jw prison jail prison training center training young jaw's begging their way into bethel only to be slaves in the faith. Any kids molested in this please call the police. Fuck the elders and fuck you all…I hate you mutherfuckers. I was a jw and saw your bullshit. I left at 17 and now a older adult so fuck you guys. 2022 I still have names if the cops still want info for child info. I'll tell

  5. Comment peut-on prétendre qu'il y a trois "musées" au bethel central de Warwick? Un musée digne de ce nom est une institution scientifique sérieuse, qui expose des œuvres en les accompagnants de notices critiques afin de transmettre des faits… Ici les "pièces" de musée ne servent qu'à soutenir une idéologie biaisée et à justifier une domination illégitime du "governing body" sur des millions de gens qu'on cherche à priver d'une vraie culture et d'un vrai esprit critique… Enfin, tant qu'on est heureux avec cet "entre-sois" diront certains… Pauvre organisation Watchtower! Ta fin viendra elle aussi, et sans doute bientôt!…

  6. Sorry to disappoint all JWS but this is just a man made organization. Blood has to be spilt to make you
    righteous in the site of Jehovah. In the old testament it was done through bulls and goats. In the New Testament
    you are made righteous through accepting the free gift of Jesus sacrifice Romans 10: 9 and 10
    You are trying to be righteous through your good works……………impossible


    Miquéias 5:6



  8. “The earth will rise again out of the water, fair and green. The eagle will fly over cataracts, swoop into the thunder and catch fish under crags.
    Corn will ripen in fields that were never sown.

    Vidar and Vali will still be alive; they will survive the fire and the flood and make their way back to Idavoll, the shining plain where palaces once stood. Modi and Magni, sons of Thor, will join them there, Hod will come back from the world of the dead; it will not be long before they, too, thread the new green grass on Idavoll. Honir will be there as well, and he will hold the wand and foretell what is to come. The sons of Vili and Ve will make up the new number, the gods in heaven, home of the winds.

    They will sit down and begin to talk. Turn by turn, they will call up such memories, memories such as are known to them alone. They will talk over many things that happened in the past, and the evil of Jormungand and the wolf Fenrir. And then, amongst waving grass, they will find golden chessboards, treasures owned once by the Aesir, and gaze at them in wonder.

    Many courts will rise once more, some good, some evil. The best place of all will be Gimli in heaven, a building fairer than the sun, roofed with gold. That is where the rulers will live, at peace with themselves and each other. Then there will be Brimir and Okolnir, where the ground is always warm underfoot; there will always be plenty of good drink there for those who have a taste for it. And there will be Sindri, a fine hall that stands in the dark mountains of Nidafjoll, made wholly of red gold. Good men will live in these places.

    But there will be another hall on Nastrond, the shore of corpses. That place in the underworld will be as vile as it is vast; all its doors will face north. Its walls and roof will be made of wattled snakes, their heads facing inward, blowing so much poison that it runs in rivers through the halls. Oath breakers and murderers and philanderers will wade through those rivers. Nidhogg, too, will outlive the fire and the flood and under Yggdrasill he will suck blood from the bodies of the dead.

    The two humans who hid themselves deep within Yggdrasill – some say Hoddmimir’s Wood – will be called Lif and Lifthrasir. Surt’s fire will not scorch them; it will not even touch them, and their food will be the morning dew. Through the branches, through the leaves, they will see light come back, for before the sun is caught and eaten by the wolf Skoll, she will give birth to a daughter no less fair than herself, who will follow the same sky-path and light the world.

    Lif and Lifthrasir will have children, their children will bear children. There will be life and new life, life everywhere on earth. That was the end; and this is the beginning.”

  9. Regardez donc vu de haut le signe illuminati de plus c est un centre de vaccination du vaccin de nanoparticules via Bill gates une honte ces gens qui lobotomise les gens avec leurs mensonges satanique

  10. Wow! What a Beautiful Place, I can't see money issue here, they save a lot of money coz of combination skilled JW worker volunteer and too many nonskilled JW volunteer all around the world. See that? Every JW members recieve free books and literature every week by supporting a donation, you can't buy 1 peso book in the market but JW give it for free they don't sale the Words of God.

  11. A compound built by pedophiles,ran by pedophiles,that owns a massive database of child sexual predator information.
    Look up Australia Redress Scheme
    Not one apology given to child abuse survivors.


  13. Where We Got the Word “Jehovah”

    Until recent years, many people thought that His Name was to be pronounced “Jehovah,” but, as the Encyclopedia Britannica explains, “Jehovah” is an erroneous form of the Sacred Name, of which the true form is Yahweh.” Most modern dictionaries show the same.

    We should not profane the Creator’s Name by using an erroneous or corrupted form. This wrong form came about when certain Bible translators mistakenly used the vowel sounds of the Hebrew word for master (adonai) and mixed them with the four Hebrew letters (tetragrammaton) that form the Heavenly Father’s Name.

    Here is how and why this happened: Originally, the Name Yahweh was known and used worldwide when all men knew Him and there were no false deities. But after most of the world went into idolatry, Yahweh made Himself known again by Name to certain men such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Gen. 12:8, 26:25, 28:13) and later to Moses (Ex. 3:15, 34:5-6).

  14. If those good old Bibles from the exhibition could scream, they would! It‘s hurting me that this cult owns rare Bibles, translated by genuine Christians who dearly loved Jesus Christ, their Redeemer-God

  15. They are part of a CIA experiment with the Nazi's. Look at the map, there is an IBM complex right next to the JW World Headquarters

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