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Pots AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA – Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina on the topic of Home Goods Wilmington Nc You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s santaniegos learn about AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA – Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina in today’s post!

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Introduce about AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA – Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina can be amazing but you might want to avoid moving to North Carolina unless you can deal with these 10 or so facts.
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Some people will find these as a major attraction for moving to North Carolina, while others see them as a reason to stay far away. Either way, each one should be seriously considered deciding to relocate to North Carolina.

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  1. Yooooo all I needed to see was that spider and NC is off my list !!! My family is from Robbins and they never told me about this smh

  2. Great info. My mom and dad moved to Greensboro after living in Ca for many many years. My oldest daughter now lives in Greensboro as well. I currently live in Ca but when my parents were BBC Alice’s I visited them often. I enjoyed Greensboro and since I’m now retired had considered moving there. But I now have a change of mind. I like you HATE and FEAR Snakes. Where I live, Sacramento area, we have our share of rattlesnakes. But in the 20 years I have live here I haven’t had any sightings. My daughter some year ago told me she saw a snake in her yard, but hasn’t mentioned any sightings since. Maybe Greensboro because of big population doesn’t have a big snake concern. Dealing with racism is a common thing for for black folks anywhere in USA. I live in a development where there are maybe (5) black families. Plus the city of Roseville might have 2% black folks. But the big difference here and there in NC and other Southern cities is the Police. We have had killing of black folks here. But not like the south.
    Thanks again, think I’ll stay out

  3. I was raised in Western NC, 1973-2002 and that is where my family is from. Your assessment is very honest and spot on. I will say from my own experience that the worst and rudest drivers are in the Charlotte area. Eastern NC drivers are better with one exception, they don't know squat about how a turn signal is supposed to be used. Drivers who are actually from Western NC are usually very good and courteous for the most part but with so many people from Florida in the area now driving skills have tanked in the West. There's some really good people who have moved in from Florida, but for the most part Western North Carolinians wish they would just go back to where they are from and stay there. They tend to be the Californians of the East Coast, but just like with Californians a few really bad ones tend to soil the reputations of the good ones. Thanks for such an accurate assessment of NC! I enjoyed your video!

  4. North Carolina born n bred. The train is getting so over populated! Been in Durham most of my life. I’m 54 and ready to move more country to get away from the overpopulated roads. I ride back roads most the time to avoid the heavy traffic….always have. Love wildlife as they are gods creatures too. But you can keep them snakes & spiders expect the ones that help my garden!

  5. If you notice, most of those people that can’t drive have South Carolina tags. If you’re in Charlotte, it’s not far to South Carolina.

  6. My husband and I are a mixed couple looking for a place in the Buncombe county area, how welcoming are they out there. We’re an older couple not social, but I don’t want my husband to feel uncomfortable because he’s black.

  7. It's all bad here. Please stay away. Especially the rural areas. PS, NC is a beautiful place with sweet people. The urban areas are booming. Lot's of jobs and lots of traffic.

    I think you should have done a video with 10 positives and 10 negatives. I'M FROM PITTSBURGH. I've been here since college, 1978.
    1. Cost of living sky high
    2. Taxes outrageous
    3. They're just putting in sidewalks.
    4. Trees everywhere, it's ridiculous.
    5. Hurricanes Season
    6. Flooding
    7. Too many city ordinances.
    8. Bus system, booooooo.
    9. Too many KARENS
    10. Neighbors complain too much and call the police on the littlest things,omg.
    1. Colleges
    2. The News, they give warnings like crazy on everything.
    3. It's peaceful
    4. Not a lot of attractive or stylish people.
    5. People are nice but distant.
    6. Folks are slow and don't mind it either.
    7. People look at you all day long and say hello all day long many times…my goodness.
    8. You have to have a car.
    9. People are superficial and insincere.
    10. People are not helpful with directions. No one knows anything, dang.

    1. The kids all say, I don't know but they get that from the adults. Nobody knows anything in NC.
    2. It's clean, not trashy.
    3. Street crime is little.
    4. People are respectful
    5. If you tell folks to leave you alone they will.
    6. You cut grass all the time.
    7. Folks aren't too bright but you run into some
    8. Yes insects and rodents of all type and kind.
    9. Everyone takes their time…no on rushes.
    11. Not a lot of projects, ghettos, street bums or drug selling on corners.

    That's it.
    The boom is the South caused it and that's so sad because NC was the place to be if you wanted a piece of America….now it's like all other places…folks a greedy.

  9. I live in the North Eastern part of NC not too far from the VA border. We usually go by their snow Southeast weather predictions because we're so close. It's sometimes a mix of both states. We get 4 to 5 inches sometimes. We have gotten a foot in the past so it just depends. We also have bears and a variety of cats since the lumber business has been full force. Wolves and coyotes also. You never know what you might see on backwoods country roads! Love Carolina!

  10. NC folks can't drive? And this is coming from a New Yorker? Lol…NC drivers are more courteous than NY drivers. We actually respect road rules. As for wildlife; as with anywhere, you have to be mindful and prepared for nature. A grown man should be prepared to face nature. City guys should stay in the city.

  11. Big fan of snakes and crocodiles and bears and stay away from mom bear and her Cubs you're fine not big fan of spiders or cuckoo watches don't like cockroach

  12. This was very informative, I won’t be moving to NC any time soon. I’ll stay in my diverse, winter sucks, boy summer was short Chicago. Thank you for this!

  13. Do NOT Come to The City of Raleigh to Live. The Gentrifiers are committing genocide. And the Mayor is registered as a Democrat but runs the City like the plantation from the movie Django.

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