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George Zimmerman Today – Where is George Zimmerman now?

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Where is George Zimmerman now?

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George Zimmerman Today - Where is George Zimmerman now?

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  1. With this dog… the road will eventually lead to justice for Trayvon Martin. R.l.P. Tray…the world knows you were unnecessarily murdered.

  2. So essentially, the system will keep this guy out of jail no matter what he does. He’s a hero to them. There will protect him at all cost.

  3. Welp sucks to suck. Lmao he might have gotten away with it but this man ain’t free. I’m a Floridian and for years this man has been attacked whenever he’s in public. So basically it’s like being in prison

  4. The most disturbing and disguting thing about all of this is that most people who live in Florida support all the evil and harmful actions of George Zimmerman

  5. He lives in Vermont but people do not seem to like him. Those racist have a little class and swag….he has zero to offer

  6. Zimmerman was attacked and defended himself from a violent thug, it doesn't matter if he's a likeable guy or not, justice was served, end of story.

  7. Zimmerman is a maggot that was given a free pass after murdering a child.
    He keeps proving what happens when violent racists are given free passes.

  8. My condolences to the family of this guy but at least he's not in jail getting free food with our money that we wake up every morning to work hard for our families. This is the only nation the prisoners vote for president even they don't pay taxes or worked hard to pay their own food for them and families. They receive benefits and federal funds everytime.

  9. I believe he is a CIA plant. What does he have over judges and police? He has got to be in Alaska, or somewhere he will NEVER see a black person. Obviously a demon and a murderer who's days are numbered.

  10. How tf is this guy getting away with so much insane shxt, can someone just end this fxckin pathetic terrorist & menace to society

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