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Franklin Daily Journal – I Tried Ben Franklin's Daily Schedule For a Week: Here's What Happened – ep. 1

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Benjamin Franklin is a fascinating man, and when I saw his morning routine and daily schedule, I knew I had to try it out for myself.

This was a little personal experiment of mine to go a little deeper into the life and mind of one of America’s most influential people. I wanted to know more about how he was able to accomplish so much in his life.

So I tried his daily schedule out for a week!


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  1. I was excited to find this video because I'm planning on trying out the schedule next week and watching you do it was kind of like a test drive. I think I'm more nervous and more excited at the same time!

  2. Ben had a crazy sex life my guy idk if you read about it he had a long necklace chain whatever you want too call it he would add a pearl everytime he had sex

  3. Without watching, what I'm guessing his schedule was:
    1pm-wake up
    1:30 – breakfast and start drinking
    2pm -electrocute turkey or something
    3pm – buy silly hat
    4pm – sex with French mistress
    6pm – nap
    7pm – wine, sex with other French mistress
    8:30pm – invent or write brilliant thing, forever changing the course of western society
    8:45 – drink with rich people and royalty
    12pm – busy out new hat
    4am – go to bed with anyone who happens to be around

  4. I'm on the same journey you're on! I highly recommend reading the 5 am club by Robin Sharma. What he proposes with the 20/20/20 formula and a detailed proposal of what a good daily routine looks like I think is similar to Franklin (I'm not sure if Robin Sharma got his inspiration for it from that) but it's been tweaked to fit in the priorities we have now (like making time to work out and socialize). I think it's more balanced and relatable to our times; and what he says about his own suggestions is to take it and tweak it to what works best for you (not all of us can wake up at 5 am and go to bed at 10 pm religiously, depending on what type of work you do, some people are parents with young babies, etc.) I've found it really useful. I've combined the 5 AM Club 20/20/20 formula and daily routine with Ben Franklins's 13 virtues…It's been great so far! Good luck! 🙂

  5. I'd ask Ben Franklin to be a single mom of special needs kids and get back to me on what his daily schedule looks like.

    Oh … work third shift in order to be able to get the kids to their doctors and activities.

    Yeah, gotta take Ben's advice with a grain of salt. He lived in a bubble. He was responsible for no one but himself.

    Come on

  6. So speaking to the problem you had with there not being enough time for Social stuff, I would point out that while Franklin's schedule had him working 8 hours total, on day one you were at your desk working at 9:15 p.m. Part of his schedule included stepping away from his work and having personal time in the afternoons and evenings.

    Also you were discussing the notion of the time he set aside for study. If you were to reinterpret that as time for self improvement, then a vigorous workout would definitely have a place in that block which would further open up that evening block for social time.

  7. OMG, I exploded in laughter when you showed Franklin's belly and said the words "I guess it wasn't that much of a priority for him" hahahahaha. I'm loving your videos, Nathaniel!!!

  8. What good is to be done today and what good did I do today…he owned slaves so I mean, all these "great men" that owned slaves writing declarations of Independence…

  9. Who cooked his meals? And clenned his house, and his clothes? Where exactly does those activities were fit into that routine?

  10. Benjamin Franklin is my great great great great great (not sure exactly how many greats) uncle or something. I'm a direct descendant anyways. According to my Great grandma's book of family history.

  11. Today I learned that a significant amount of people in the comment section are really sensitive when it comes to Ben Franklin lol.

  12. I happen to c this it’s funny cause Benjamin Franklin is my Great great great great great great great great great great Grandfather

  13. I journal TODOs and What happened.
    it's basically what I made happen and what happened to me. Sometimes in the evening, I turn this short notes into long-form if I feel like it

  14. Electronic sticky note on my desktop with a list from a long forgotten work seminar. 1. What fills me with enthusiasm today? 2. What drained me of energy today? 3. What did I learn about myself today?

  15. Jumping right into the shower as soon as you wake up is key!
    Do not touch your phone… do not hit snooze!!!
    Alarm goes off & you get right into shower!

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