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Eminem A Clone – Here's The Real Reason Why Eminem Looks So Different Now

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Eminem is arguably one of the greatest and most controversial rap artists to have come out of the hip-hop industry. The 8 Mile star’s lyrics are definitely not for everyone, but they certainly come from a very raw and real place. However, it seems as though the years may have softened the man known as Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, as the music star has been looking a lot more put together and mature these days, especially when compared to his initial rise to fame and more rebellious era of the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

Here’s the real reason why Eminem looks so different now.

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Showing stubble | 0:00
Drug use took a toll | 1:01
Harder times | 1:59
Run, Marshall, run! | 2:57
New hair, who dis? | 3:57
Cleaning up his act | 4:40

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Eminem A Clone - Here's The Real Reason Why Eminem Looks So Different Now

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  1. Real legends.
    Should die with peace, truth, condolences, prayers.
    His career his trashed bc he died along time ago and they paid someone to take his place.
    Career was booming right before he died. They couldn't afford to lose him.
    I know it.
    I deeply fuxkin feel it

  2. He fell off for a year after curtain call.
    And his appearance as a person completely an uuterly changed if you really look at him before and after..and his music changed…and the he lost his comedy side…and he turned cold mean, and started reading about recovery…didn't add Hailey at all, started "going though changed" he went from being this top line rapper who was a rap god to everyone for 10 years…and then suddenly lost100 lbs, face changed quit rapping about Hailey, Kim, dre, and becamecold ..eyes always looked like they were ready to murder …. Like a actor would if he had to take this rap gods place… Not understanding Eminem was more than just a fucking gangster who was white..that cared about his family, has a lot of love to give, was real about his life and emotions that touched everyone from a strong place… All of it went away.
    And you think this today is Eminem?
    Recovery wouldn't changed that much about him, and even that thin right here his face feature don't fit him before this album.
    Weight lost or not.
    This is someone portraying as him. And we all built his image around it. 15 years ago.
    Watch toy soldier.
    That image of him, is the actor when he's rapping. Glimpse of the real em are shown in the song.
    I will go to war over this.
    This shit bothers me so bad to my core

  3. Any surgery and million dollars could clone a person who can portray very well as someone, they have everything they need to create someone to b him.
    It's not cussing them out**" NOT HIM.

  4. I know who the real Eminem is.
    This man even in the beginning of recovery is a phony.
    Your trash man.
    Eminem deserves to be heard. He is in the sky yll.
    Pay attention. Bc this here is the lable making nasty ass money paying actors to play his part to keep his gross money where it was.
    Real fans know.
    It's bullshit
    I could smack a million people into dirt .
    No legend like him would've lived today. In the best kind of way, he died real.
    Recovery wasn't him, acouple good songs. I'll never listen any of his so called music again after curtain call
    Pay attention

  5. they said he dropped down into the 140's. for 5' 8" tall thats exactly where he should be. good for him for getting better

  6. Eminem has been brown-haired this whole time, he just colored his hair, if you look at his appearance in 1999, he was 100% blonde, which almost nobody, have, and if you look at him in 2002 in the movie 8 Mile (about him) he was naturally brown-haired! (PS, he had colour linses to his eyes too, first in 1999 they were completly blue, which is very rare, and now a days, he has black eyes! So in 1999, he was faking his eye colour and his hair colour!)

  7. He looks the same it’s because of the hair color,beard,his style it’s also been 20 years people age I swear he would still look the same if he dyed his hair blonde,shave,and wear the clothes he did back then so I’d say he has aged like fine wine.

  8. Cause he been in the game longer than these next generations even knew what the game is. Hey man all year no shave November til we go weird and grow beards and disappear nothing but clowns out here but we ain’t fuckin around round here. Yeah might not have got the words right but Fuck it. You are my prescription my prescription is this music we about to blow up once the fuse is lit! ALL YEAH EM!

  9. Can't leave rap alone, the game needs me
    'Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear
    Into the mountains, nothin' but clowns down here
    But we ain't fuckin' around 'round here…

  10. dude got replaced by an illuminati reptilian clone. Illuminati kills anyone who sell they're souls and replaced with illuminati reptilian clones.

  11. This also shows he can literally tell people wats going on in his music and they won’t see it unless he speaks it in an interview.. like demon inside most folks can’t even see he’s telling us wats going on .. bc demon possession is very very very real

  12. I see trauma on his face .. he has alot of pain in him and I’m very sure he has seen and experienced things that not many people would probably believe if he told em

  13. Word has gotten out and he needs to tell everyone if this is true it needs to be heard from Em about being cloned.

  14. If your a fan of Eminem u know that's not Eminem. Lol dudes a whole 100% different person. Y'all bandwagoners foreal

  15. He doesn’t really look that different. I can still tell just as easily that he’s Eminem. His hair is just back to it’s normal color, and he has facial hair now… those are literally the only 2 differences in his current appearance and how he used to look

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