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Act 1 (Battle at Don Cheesle’s Island)

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  1. A big factor on the succes of Half-Life 1 was the acting. It wasn't that common in pc for that time, and the ones that did have it used it usually just for one-liners. Here we have Gman giving a whole speech at the end of the game with his weird voice

  2. it's sad that only people in the English speaking world can truly enjoy and understand the pure amazing speech in Oblivion

  3. In defense of LA Noire, the early cases merely serve to prepare you for what’s coming eventually. That’s why the acting in some of them is quite telling. When you get to homicide and vice, I swear, many witnesses’ expressions are difficult to decipher.

  4. Pathfinder is the best robot in any game because he manages to toe the line between matter of fact robot tones and a vibrant, cheery personality

  5. Shoutout to European Gex, the best of them all. I don't care how much "BUT DANA GOULD" you are, believe me, its just as irritating if you grew up with suave gex.

  6. Death stranding guy wasn't actually that bad his. His expressions though, that's uhhh weird time to look your about to cry from holding back hysterical laughter.

  7. "There is something in our DNA that makes us root for each other".
    I promise that you could not get a black person to sympathise with a White person in any movie, game or other situation.
    Such a corny fucking line.

  8. Playing with english voices on in a game set in a non-english speaking country, even when that country's voices are available in their respective language, regardless of who made the game. Cringe
    In all seriousness though, it feels like Dunkey has really thin skin sometimes. Usually when someone disagrees with a certain way to play a game. I don't think anyone should tell anyone how to play any game but it's fine to differ on opinions, right?

  9. It's still incredible to me that Dunkey got Mr Beast to pretend to be him for the entire video. What an Amazing man.

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