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Comic Con Lexington – My First EVER Lexington Comic and Toy Con!

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I had a BLAST at this year’s Comic and Toy Con right here in my home city of Lexington! I bought some stuff, met some vendors, …

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Comic Con Lexington - My First EVER Lexington Comic and Toy Con!

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  1. Great video. We visited the convention this year also. This was our second visit to the convention. The cosplays are the best. We look forward to visiting again.

  2. Dr strange is one of marvel's most interesting characters for me.
    2nd favorite movie for me was also black panther. That movie really surprised me

  3. I'm not going to shame anyone but I'm not that into when someone is blatantly violating copyright law with just putting someone else's art on a poster and selling it for profit. Making your own art of other people's characters is on the line but just taking someone else's art and doing the minimal effort of just printing it not something I want to support.

  4. Doctor Strange is definitely one of the stronger marvel movies. I'm excited to see if Sam raimi can make the sequel scary with his horror background.

  5. Ooh ooh when he said spicy opinions and marvel I was ready to fight, but I accept his favourite doctor strange. Mine is black panther I guess and I’ve always enjoyed Thor 2. I think it’s getting hate for nothing…

  6. It’s fascinating to watch someone walk into another sub set of OUR nerd pop culture and have them be amazed because they know nothing about it. You can geek about Pokémon, I can geek about comics. We can come together about games, it’s a fun time to be a nerd.

  7. Mad respect man. Dr. Strange and Black Panther are easily my one two, mostly for the reasons you say. My hot take is that marvel solo movies are way better than the big crossover events, which I haven't liked really any of them ducks

  8. I just found your content and this is some cool stuff! Also, great to see more people in Lexington who are into nerd stuff! Personally, I'm in Nicholasville (a technically separate city that might as well be a suburb of Lexington), and due to a move and some other stuff that was going on during the time of the con, I wasn't able to drop by it. Cool to see someone actually cover it!

  9. Cool look through the con. I just can’t wrap my head around these vendors that pay for booths and then sell for above eBay prices. Don’t they wanna sell?? Plus they don’t have to ship the goods. So many cool things to look at but such unnecessary gouging.

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