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One week after a devastating car crash, the family of 10-year-old Francine made the courageous decision to donate her organs. On Monday, August 12, Francine’s family and friends joined Valley Children’s doctors and staff in an Honor Walk, lining the halls to the operating room to honor an amazing little girl and her gift of life to six others.

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  2. I can honestly say that see these make me sad for all the families. I am proud of the families for making that sacrifice to save others, I am also proud watching these hospitals and staff honor the patients and families in their final moments here on earth and show respect. It is touching to see them all cry, line up and show respect and kindness to those families.

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  4. Thank you Francine for your gift to others so they may live . They carry a piece of you everyday and will achieve goals and milestone you couldn't finish . To her brave parents thank you for giving life to others on her behalf I cannot even begin to imagine your pain but I hope you have comfort in knowing she is still here on earth in different bodies .

  5. When I see this video this video's make me cry when I was like age 12,11 or 10 on 2014 my own small grandfather passed due to sick and i am very sorry to hear that their 10 year old daughter passed away

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