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Buckle up Dodger fans and go for a ride with our In-Game announcer Jared Gallagher, as he learns the secret to making Cattlemen’s famous lamb fries and T-bone.

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Cattleman'S Steakhouse Okc - Destination Dodgers: Cattlemen's Steakhouse

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  1. This is impeccable Dining. 110 years of Tradition. I've been in food service Sales. A Meat Purveyor, Food Broker and Chef. I've walked in and out of Kitchens where the food is Legendary. What I've noticed about Cattleman's is that there is a factor and a person who oversees that factor. Cattleman's has a Staff that is never ever Second Best but always the Best at serving you without disturbing your meal or conversation. There is always an atmosphere of Rich, Old West Dining in a Cattle Barons dining room. Dick Stubs and David Egan are Masters of Quality and empecable Dining. They Wait Staff understands as does the Kitchen Staff that if someone isn't doing their job then the whole machine grinds to a hault. Great place to Dine.

  2. A half inch steak is tuff, they just taking your money. So, find a better place that serves steaks. They are the lemons of steakhouses. I give a rating of 0. They are cattle theives

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