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Cattleman’S Steakhouse Okc – The Texas Bucket List – Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens

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The Bite of the Week is awarded to a ranch restaurant with massive steaks, long lasting traditions, and even a zoo.

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Cattleman'S Steakhouse Okc - The Texas Bucket List - Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens

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  1. This place brings me back, my mom would bring me every Saturday to eat and play, I’m going for my moms birthday and I’m extited

  2. Hey–2 years it takes for you to make a cook 'average' either means you hire directly from the street or you are a substandard supervisor.

    Oh–are you letting this less than average cooks grill steaks? Customers deserve to know who is responsible for their meals….
    are these guys wiping their cullos with beef, is this Waiting part 3 (the descent") or maybe you are kissing your own arse?

  3. If you don't stop/visit this amazing staple in texas then you ain't gettin the full/ true texas experience my friend, yes pricey ribeyelike 38.60 but the sides are free and unlimited VERY, VERY tasty sides to boost an experience YOU DON'T WANT TO PASS UP…

  4. I’ve eaten here and I may have caught them on a bad day because my steak sucked. Honestly, I’ve had better steaks at Outback and that place is below average. Best steak I ever had was at Salt in McAllen, Texas.

  5. My dad built the event center, and the rotunda Feed silo bar as well, he was the maintenance man for about 8 years him and Bill get along perfectly. He’s even in the interview the guy with the big mustache lol

  6. Everytime I've been there during my 3 years living in Las Cruces New Mexico I say I'm getting the rib eye but I end up getting that HUGE porterhouse. I still haven't got the rib eye but if and when I get back down there…!!!
    It's on the bucket list!

  7. Everytime my grandparents visited from San Antonio we used to go here. I have to take my lil fam here. I remember feeding the animals. ❤️

  8. Best steak in West Texas! I've been there many times. Terry Trautman worked there with his mama Rebecca.
    I miss my West Texas home and Cattleman's.
    I would settle my horse there for a weekend, then ride a ways towards the cliffs.
    I miss those days. Good to see that ya'll haven't changed.
    Long live Cattleman's.

  9. im stationed here at fort bliss and within the first 3 months of living here, i ate at cattlemans adleast 3-5 times already!

  10. Hello, my name is Sandra from Germany. I'm looking for a job in Texas as a cleaner or dishwasher. Can someone help me? My son and I want to live in Texas forever. Best regards Sandra from Germany

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