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After 107 years in business, Cattlemen’s in Stockyards City is an American Legend! It’s the city’s oldest, continuously operating restaurant! From their

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Cattleman'S Steakhouse Okc - Cattlemen's Steakhouse

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  1. Didn’t know about the place until I was in OKC for work in late ‘19, months before COVID changed the landscape for a year +.
    One of our coworkers said “well, if you’d like to check out one of those classic steakhouses, go to Cattlemen’s. It’s not fancy, and it’s not overpriced, but it’s a landmark. You’ll be glad that you went”
    On the four trips we made there, before COVID restrictions squelched our travel, we went there each time.
    Great place!

  2. I'm from Michigan but 5years ago I moved to Oklahoma and I got a job there at Cattleman's. My sister was in the bakery and I started in the dish pit. Very high volume of people. I was also in charge of the buffet on Sundays and in charge of stocking and rotating the coolers. Eventually I started to get trained on the flat top in the event center for banquets. It seemed like myself and a few others pretty much lived there. Good people to work with and for. The dish pit was no joke. The kitchen staff was top notch. They also had me cooridnating and expediting and that was a job that took alot of attention to detail. I'm saying this because if you have the desire to learn from some top notch people and you give it your all and you happen to live in the area of the place than I highly recommend this place. I didn't have any experience in kitchens until Cattleman's. I was only there about a year at Cattleman's but in that short time because I had the desire to learn and I put my best out there I went from mastering the dish pit to also being in charge of stock and rotating product of a massive freezer/cooler to also cooridnating and expediting and that's not an easy task. Then I went on to flat top cooking for banquets. All taught by professionals. Loved the job. Made lifelong friends. I moved back to Michigan 3 years ago but I still often think about the place. The atmosphere there. I very much enjoyed the job. But I'm from Michigan and I can't handle the heat in Oklahoma. And there's no clean water to swim in. And no trees. I'm a water person and tree person kind of guy. So home to Michigan I am now. Back in a kitchen.

  3. By far the most popular Sunday Lunch Special is their Turkey and Dressing, the best Turkey and Dressing I ever had. Love the Rib Eye and The Prime Rib.

  4. i lived across the street at the Cattleman’sHotel in 81-82,,ate there maybe hundred times in that year,, and the freaking,,4/$1 bbq burger,,God bless extra cow meat!! the Harley Shop was xcross the street 1200 SAgnew!! lol peace out Brothers

  5. Dad and I would go eat lunch on a routine basis at Cattlemen's in 1985 / 1986 when I had my first job out of college at the bank down the street when it was named United Oklahoma Bank. I moved to Dallas to pursue career interests in summer of 1986 and we stopped eating lunch together. Dad passed away in 2016 and I remember those precious moments at Cattlemen's with a smile. I will return in the future to remember and enjoy the food.

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