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Her story carries the story of all the victims of alien abductions, and her son, Robert Earl White, tells us about the amazing mother, woman and human being, that she was.
You can watch the series of videos Robert did on his channel, in her memory. Men In Black, ET contacts, UFO crashing in their backyard, all the ingredients are there to tell this incredible but true story. Who was Beth Ann White…

—UFO Crash & Alien Abduction case in New Jersey / The Lower Alloways Creek Incident / Part 1:



—More about the events:

—Robert’s websites and social medias:

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  1. Tears are good, it's healing she loved you and you loved her. Stay strong Robert you have people who love you, you are not alone….Continue the work in her name. Big Hug

  2. Thank you Elena and Robert, Upsetting and Eye-opeing. Robert, I just love you and through your story– your sweet mother.

  3. Salut Elena, esce que tu suit cosmic agency? Les taygatans nous révelle que la fédération galactique ont plutôt l'agenda de nous garder dans la matrice( une faction ) finallement nous empêchants d'évolluer. Quand pense tu?

  4. I had an experience that left me shaky, I awoke one morning and as I was getting out of my bed I noticed some brown stains on the bed sheets, I took a closer look and it was dried into the sheet, wondering where this came from I began looking at my body, I found the brown stuff literally dried into the bottom of my feet like I had been walking in something and it had been there for a very long time, I smelt my foot it was poop????
    I was like what in the world is going on, I have had many experiences over my life, and never had anything like this happen?
    I looked onto the floor, I did not have carpets just wooden boards, and there were my foot prints dried into the wood, I followed the prints and they led to the small square hallway just before the stairs to the ground floor, yet the foot prints did not go down the stairs???
    I have slept walked on many occasions so i had thought that maybe i had been asleep and had some how got outside and trod in some poop in the garden or on the street, a thought which evoked a lot of worry, but the foot prints did not reach the stairs?
    There was no poop anywhere else? Not on my night clothes or anywhere else on my body just the bottom of my feet on my bed sheets and my bedroom floor to the small landing?

    I have had several operations in the past for endometriosis, I have had several small red triangle marks appear on my stomach area by my navel and at the top of my hair line, just red lines. I have had many marks and bruises appearing out of nowhere, I have witnesses who were there when some of these marks and huge bruises appeared, and were left dumbfounded and a little freaked out, having no answers they would just stay silent, till i changed the subject.

    I have had many dreams of smalls greys, tall blonds, small men in black suits and black hats, who seemed to be directing the small greys in what they were doing to me, the man in black threatened me with a weapon, a small hand held object, after I had somehow got free from my bed, and attacked one of the ones hurting me, I hit it with a brown glass bottle, and it bleed a pink substance, which stained the wooden boards on my bedroom floor, I literally thought that i had proof now to show people, I could show them the stain, then the man told me to get back into the bed, pointing this weapon at me, which he said he would use on me and it would hurt more than what the pain I was receiving in my stomach from what one of those things was doing to me.

    The experiences seemed to have stopped and i wonder if that is because I had worked on the trauma I went through as a child, and i have more Light flowing through my heart, now i reconnected with the child that hid all those years ago?

  5. dolores cannon had horrific experiences with hope is that they are of better frequencies NOW. she refused to deal with them..saw a man who years ago was at one of her conferences and asked her if she would consider returning to help them..he did apology yet was not enough to sway her..much love ..

  6. Wow, you are so AWESOME to speak out for your mother!!!!!!. What a beautiful soul it sounds like your mother had. You are such a leader, your strength and courage are unmeasurable and I know your mom has to be so proud of you. I feel honored to be able to know your mother because of you and I do believe she would have something to do with you and Elena coming together. I think my nephew is an experiencer so I made sure and sent this to my sister. You both will always have a place in my heart and feel very blessed that I found you both right when the time was needed. ps I love your sense of humor which helps in keeping the vibration high.

  7. I think that is the message at the end his mom wanted to say "Love one another" as there was a small light being orb floating across the screen from right to left at 1:23:36

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