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At&T Service Out – AT&T Shuts Down 3G Service, Impacting Millions of Users

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AT&T began shutting down its 3G network Tuesday, impacting millions of people who still rely on the service, including seniors whose lives may be put at risk. Bob Redell reports.

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At&T Service Out - AT&T Shuts Down 3G Service, Impacting Millions of Users

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  1. We can still use 3g, we can still save 3g phones. All we need to do is to make a 5g to 3g converter. How this would work is that 3g phones can only read 3g signals. So we can make a converter that will convert 5g signals into 3g signals so 3g phones are still useful to the modern day. We can plug it into the charger port but then the battery will die and can’t be charged without removing the converter. However, there is a solution, we can attach a multi charger port so we can use 5g on our old phones while charging.

  2. AT&T gave plenty of chances to upgrade, and it didn't fully shut down on the exact date. What they did was a place-by-place shutdown and 4 months later, it's still in some areas with bad 4G/5G coverage.

  3. On May 5, our phones not working, and then find out AT&T stop our service on May 4.
    We go to AT&T store get help on May 6, they tell me need to buy new phones in order to reactivate our service.
    On May 14, we bring in two new AT&T working phones to AT&T store, they tell me both our phone numbers has been issued to other people on May 13, they can not reactivate our service. So what actually AT&T did is stop our service even our plan not expired, took our almost thousand dollars balance away, steal our phone numbers in 9 days.
    Fortunately, the store manager is a nice person, she helps us get back the balance. Now we are in new plan and phone numbers. The big lost for us is our old phone numbers.

  4. LOL they literally announced this LAST June…people need to pay attention and think it won't happen to them lol. No sympathy. Stop using OLD tech!

  5. My LG Phoenix 4 K10 was 3G, LTE, and 4G enabled when I bought it, and it should still be working. But the 3G shutdown caused it to cease functioning properly. My service was with Red Pocket, an ATT reseller. Even though it is a 4G phone, it won't work now. Changing to VOIP phone at home, and will carry a cheapo prepaid in car for emergencies when I am not home.

  6. My unlocked phone hasn't had service in about 2 wks in PA; however, when I was in VA on business this week it worked fine. Go figure. Too late though, as I am just waiting for my 4 new Verizon phones to arrive and this long-time, once loyal AT&T customer will be history! Clearly AT&T cares more about money than it does its customers!

  7. Yes, many unlocked phones are incompatible, while there ATT bought phones are not… This has to do with differences in firmware between the two, where the unlocked phones will have a short revert back to 3G while calling… ATT did not make their own firmware available on these phones. I'm pretty pissed that ATT did not send a warning to those with unlocked Galaxy phones. I've read people are having problems up through Galaxy S10.

  8. Estoy con AT&T y aquí en Querétaro, México en el rancho, aveces mi teléfono todavía dice que tiene señal de 3G y otras veces dice H+. Sin embargo, cuándo estoy en el rancho o afuera de la ciudad grande, me dice que tengo el servicio de Telcel, pero cuando estoy en centro de la ciudad de Querétaro, dice que tengo LTE con el servicio de AT&T. Solamente cuando estoy en los Estados Unidos es cuando dice que tengo la señal de 5G.

  9. I have 4g and I can't make no calls. They said my phone is compatible to the new system and I just brought my phone.

  10. This happened to my mom. My sis and I help her with her business because she's a senior citizen but AT&T sent us a warning YEARS ago that she'd have to update from her old flip phone. Sure enough, one day she tried to call me and she couldn't get through. The call wouldn't connect. So I tried calling her phone. Thank goodness she was right outside so I was with her but I did not like the fact that she couldn't make outgoing calls and in case of an emergency would not been able to get through to anybody. So I called AT&T. They explained that they were transitioning from 3g. They temporary fixed her outgoing call issue and sent her a free upgraded flip phone.

  11. it's all about forcing people to buy new phones, I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that AT&T is kicking off the network, perfectly compatible but they REFUSE to switch it to the new system

  12. I have a 4g/LTE capable phone but I was still affected by this, they said I need to change my phone. It's all about the money

  13. How foolish that they didn’t consider this into their rollout.
    If people are and or have been paying for “3g” why don’t these guys just keep it open .
    Especially when there is resistance from the airlines.

  14. Yup. I'm on boost mobile and for some reason my sim runs off at&t towers and as of 11pm last night a few hours ago now my internet on my phone doesnt work

  15. Shut it down already. Tired of AT&T redirecting calls from my compatible 5g phone to be told I need a new phone for the new system. Six occasions already.

  16. outdated technology need to be removed to free up wireless spectrum for faster 5G technology. but home tech also need to be updated.

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