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Alaska Mining And Diving – I made a GOLD choice, 30 days mining & diving Alaska gold claim!!

Pots I made a GOLD choice, 30 days mining & diving Alaska gold claim!! on the topic of Alaska Mining And Diving You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s santaniegos learn about I made a GOLD choice, 30 days mining & diving Alaska gold claim!! in today’s post!

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Introduce about I made a GOLD choice, 30 days mining & diving Alaska gold claim!!

I made a GOLD choice, 30 days mining & diving Alaska gold claim!! I’m about to embark on one of the craziest experiences of my life. 30 days on a remote gold claim mining, diving, and metal detecting for gold and other valuable finds. I am ecstatic to bring this announcement to all of you!
Being able to use YouTube as a platform to share my experiences and bring YOU along on my adventures is only the tip of the iceberg of who I am and my life behind the camera. #goldpanning #thefinders #findinggold

▶️ I’ve made the decision of a lifetime that I think was needed. On June 27 I will be going to Nome Alaska, to not only film adventures l, but really connect with the world and develop some once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

▶️ There’s been many high-stress and emotional moments on camera that you will see in episodes coming soon while I’m away on this trip.

▶️ Throughout these past experiences, I’ve learned so much, and going to Alaska is a way for me to break free from some of the stress and anxiety I’ll be leaving here at home.

▶️ I want to help more people, I want to do more for this world and I can’t wait to share my stories from a whole MONTH in Alaska

▶️ Now let’s get into what I’ll be sharing with YOU on this trip…

▶️ Steve Phillips is one of my mentors and a very good friend of mine.

▶️ He has invited me to his gold claim up in Nome. He’s very knowledgeable on mining gold and also defusing cannonballs like you’ve seen in previous episodes when I’ve found civil war cannonballs I feel can be preserved.

▶️ Steve invited me to go to his claim for a month to mine for gold, fish for salmon, explore the wilderness of Alaska, and so much more. I won’t have cell service or any connection with the outside world



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  1. You're going to have such an amazing adventure and time in Alaska. It's a beautiful place and something you'll never regret or forget. Enjoy!

  2. Praying for your journey to be everything you hope it wil be! So glad you are open to your own growth as you will only be stronger for it! God bless!

  3. Enjoyed all your videos that I have seen. You are a amazing young man! I lived in Ak many years.we homesteaded Talkeetna, lived in Wasilla, Anchorage, Homer. My dad worked in Nome for a job for short time. I was there once but only because my plane to Fairbanks was rerouted. Did not want to get off there, LOL. May your trip be blessed and will be great to see what you film this time you have up there. ;-).

  4. Your momma has to be so very proud of you. You are amazingly brave. You touch more people than you can even imagine and change more lives than you think . Your candor on what you believe to be shortcomings only endear you more to the public but speaks volumes of your character. Life is short..Enjoy it. Be safe and Above all, Have The Time of your Life!! Can't wait to see your adventures. God bless

  5. I hope you have a great and wonderful trip. I always dreamed of going gold prospecting. That would be fun. I just can't handle the cold of Alaska. Their 50° Summers are good for them not me. LOL Have fun young man. Take the time to get your head right. We all love you!

  6. A month roughing it in Alaska will build character & a mindset that’ll last a lifetime. Hard work, determination & survival skills is a valuable life lesson. There are no “safe spaces” in the Alaska wilderness.

  7. I hope that you have or had a wonderful experience. Be safe and make sure you make memories for a lifetime. God Bless and have fun!

  8. Your the only person I've come across that reminds me of young Jacque Cousteau. You have a brilliant future ahead of you.

  9. Glad to see that you went, do everything while you are young……… Great video and the work do all do finding loved ones is so great…………

  10. As someone that struggles with depression and has been going through a really rough time I just wanted to say you help people more than you know. Your videos have helped me significantly, they even helped inspired me to try make videos myself. I even made a dive knife for you, before my divorce. I'm not sure where it is but if I ever find it I'll send it out to you. Have fun in Alaska Britt. I know what finding someone who has been missing is like and the toll it can take on your mental health so take this time to relax and recharge. God bless .

  11. Go get it Brit, 30 days will probably seem so short once you head back. Enjoy every minute. Capture some wonderful Alaska footage and memories while there and hope you see lots of gold in the pan! Don't catch gold fever though, we need you back soon.

  12. Love the videos. All your videos. Keep up the good work Brit. Can't wait to see all about your Alaskan adventures. Enjoy your trip and remember that the world is a beautiful place, so enjoy this once in a lifetime trip

  13. I hope you get the rest and peace you need so you can get back to diving. We love watching you and Nug together and you and the other divers. Never be ashamed to cry over sadness and sorrow. It just shows the compassion you have for others. Stay safe and look forward to your videos!!

  14. You're living my dreams of what I wanted to do as a young man but I wasn't allowed to I had to make money but I love the content thank you

  15. Take care of you Brit! Who knows – you could end up building the next Proenneke type cabin and documenting it for something bigger than your Youtube adventures could ever be…

  16. Awesome. We also have claims in Arizona and like to gold prospect. Of course, Alaska has WAY more gold. aww, cute seal. I watch Bering Sea Gold and it's crazy the risks they take to get gold. Be careful young man. Incredible beauty there.

  17. You are an awesome person Brit, and I would be proud to call you my friend. I hope you have an amazing time in Alaska and get to experience new things. Can't wait to hear about everything you do while you're there!

  18. Wow! This is so exciting. Can't wait to go along with you. I believe this will be a tremendous time of growth for you. Especially spiritually. So excited for you!

  19. How wise of you to know when you need to recharge yourself. In the long run, you will come out a stronger happier , even more rounded man. We all look forward going with you on your journey .
    I’ve watched your videos for years now and watched your maturity grow with them.
    This newest adventure will benefit not only you, but your loved ones and your viewing audiences.
    J. R. R. Tolkien said it best “ Not all who wander are lost “
    Enjoy and Be Safe- look forward to seeing more

  20. Neat experience. Looks like the bears leave more disarray than a looter! Enjoy life and its adventures. Thank you for bringing us a new experience.

  21. Well said Brit, we all need a shoulder at times to cry on, love is what makes the world go around, enjoy your trip and find a Nug for me, take care buddy, looking forward to your upcoming videos.

  22. All the best Britain in your new adventure. Can’t wait to see the footages from there. Seeing it from a perspective of videographer I’m accustomed to is different from seeing it randomly here. Take care

  23. I am happy for you to get a chance to see such an awesome part of the USA. Can't wait to see videos of your adventures. Bless you for having such a wonderful heart of caring for others in this world. We sure need more people like you in this world.

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