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Hannah and Adam conclude a perfect day together by talking about their future over diner soup. But it’s what is not said that makes this scene so heartbreakingly beautiful.

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Lena Dunham’s fearless comedy tackles female friendship through the eyes of four 20-somethings as they attempt to navigate the unpredictable waters of adulthood in New York.

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  1. I've never seen this show and don't know anything about it, but that is amazing acting. There is a solid minute of dialogue that happens with facial expressions alone.

  2. I guess I’m the only one here who has trouble understanding how he knew why she was crying. Couldn’t she be crying because she was overwhelmed by everything changing?

  3. I’ve watched this series like 6 times over, I wish it would have kept going, anyway after watching this diner scene, I come to the same conclusion every time which is as much as Hannah loves the idea of her and Adam together raising her baby and all the things they talk about doing, it really isn’t her reality anymore, you feel there time has past, too much has happened and changed, I think Adam and Jessa really hurt her to a point of no return with Adam.

  4. Wow, that hurt. I mean, that hurt. I just wanted to look up the "good soup" meme source but … That was hurtful.

  5. I’ve head the audio for “Good soup” and never knew the context but I always felt a pain or nostalgia in all those memes (anyone else too?)

  6. For anyone craving more context/analysis…

    Hannah and Adam were always fundamentally very different people. He is blunt, physically expressive, grounded in reality and not particularly in tune with emotions. Hannah is sensitive, over-analyses everything, seeks connections between things, speaks in metaphors, and is slightly removed from reality (she can at times be naïve or impractical). A lot of their relationship troubles were down to these fundamental differences. They just don't understand each other in enough ways for their relationship to be fulfilling long-term. On some level, they both already knew this, but neither had the courage to face it.

    It's complicated loving someone. You don't always fall in love with your soulmate. Sometimes you fall in love with someone completely wrong for you, like Hannah and Adam did.

    Back to the scene…

    It's in this moment, when Hannah hears Adam's effective proposal and how emotionless it is, that she can't hide from the truth anymore. She can't keep pretending this is going to work. She realises the right thing to do is to end it. Adam, on seeing Hannah's tears, smiles, hoping to steer her back into their previous light-hearted conversation. But then, really seeing her, he too is forced to face their incompatibility. They both know they love each other but that they aren't right together. Love isn't enough and they are going to have to say goodbye. This is what makes it so heart-breaking and tragic.

    EDIT: For anyone interested in psychology, I think Hannah and Adam were originally drawn to each other by a trauma bond. She seems to have anxious attachment and him, avoidant. They are obviously different and not right for each other from the start, but crave something from each other (validation/acceptance/love). Their eventual goodbye can be seen as a positive moment of growth (they both stop going after people who act as a plaster for their trauma wound and finally realise they both need to be with someone more compatible) but it is also sad because I think both of them feel this rejection from their trauma bond partner like a baby would feel rejected by its parent.

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